Help Custom Removable Backs for SGS4?


Is it possible to purchase removable backs for my Samsung Galaxy online? If so, what sites would you recommend? Thanks in advance.


There are a ton of them available on Ebay. You can find carbon fiber, metal, and plastic replacements. I haven't seen any sites selling anything other than OEM replacements however.


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Has anyone seen any carbon fibre replacement backs?

There are lots on eBay that claim to be carbon fibre, but even a cursory glance at the photographs makes it clear that this is just a slightly carbon weave pattern imprinted on plastic or PU leather, not actually carbon fibre at all.


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I think a metal back with good texture would add some much needed heft to the phone. Too light by itself so I've been using a Spigen Neo Hybrid case.

But I worry that putting a third-party metal backing on the phone might interfere with the antennae since the phone wasn't designed to get an ideal signal while accounting for a metal case.