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Custom Revovery !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snowboarderxd1, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    Ok ! the Droid X (which has the same recovery as us{which is locked}) Now has a custom recovery ! its this APK, Yah a apk look how easy it is, So easy a cave man can do it.
    My Brain Hurts: Droid X Recovery
    Is there any way possible to make this work with the devour Since same recovery and since they also have the same way to root maybe they also have the same way to bybass the recovery?

  2. JamisonMP

    JamisonMP Newbie

    Surprised no one has chimed in on this yet. This is a pretty big deal, especially due to the fact the devour got root only because the X did. I don't think anyone has tried this on the Devour yet though. I just got a replacement Devour and am waiting for Roms to root, if that ever happens. The only benefit personally that root has for me is WiFi tether. On the other hand, the benefit of Roms I believe will make this device a monster, as well as being a last resort as it looks like it's already at the end of it's life cycle and therefore there is no 2.x OTA on the horizon.
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  3. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    Well i tried to install it on my devour but its programmed to work with Android 2.X If someone could like repackage it to work with 1.6 maybe it would work i dont know how to use eclipse so i cant really do anything with that. If anyone wants to do it ill gradly run the App since i really dont mind screwing this up XD

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