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Custom ringtone question.

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Esau, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Good morning folks, I'm just curious if anyone can assist me with a quick question/issue I am having. I have done a search for my answer previous to creating this thread (and registering even) but couldn't really find anything pertaining to my problem. Of course, I may have missed or overlooked it, and if so, I apologize.

    First, my phone and what not. (if more information is required, I'll provide)

    LG Optimus One (LGP500h)
    Rooted - Gingerbreak v1.20
    Have tried .mp3 and .ogg with same results.

    What's happening is; I've created my own ringtone(s) and am trying to have them separate from my music, but no matter what instructions I follow the custom ringtone ALWAYS appears while listening to the music I have on my phone. eg: when I walk my dog listening to an album, my ringtone lists as a music track and plays as one.

    I have tried the numerous tutorials out there for doing this:

    - create separate ringtone/alarms/notifications folders on the SD card
    - create the above sub folders within the media folder on the SD card
    - create the above sub folders within the DCIM folder on the SD card
    - create the above sub folders within the Sounds folder on the SD card

    All of the above locations allow me to use my custom ringtone no problem, BUT when I listen to the music I have added to my phone, my ringtone plays as if it was a song, so I get a 30 second ringtone in the middle of my music or album. It's not really a big deal if I keep my custom ringtones limited to one, but it does get a bit annoying if I want to add several custom ringtones.

    I'm curious to what I am doing wrong here, or if this is just the cost I have to pay to have a custom ring tone - I've searched all over and haven't found a solution, nor found anyone else having this same issue which leads me to believe I am doing something incorrectly.

    I'd prefer to not use an app that downloads music for ringtones, as I am a musician myself and have created my own, so I'd just like to use the one(s) I create and not have them appear as music tracks.

    Thanks in advance for any insight or help.


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