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Custom ROM advice for the vortex, pointing noobs in the right direction

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iamalanwelch, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. iamalanwelch

    iamalanwelch Newbie
    Thread Starter

    While there are a few existing threads not many of them seem to answer questions I think a noob has after, of course, "why should I? "

    1. Do you HAVE to get a rom specifically designed for your phone?

    2. If so whats a good one to get that goes up a few versions from android 2.2.2 on an LG Vortex (Verizon)?

    3. If not, whats a, in the replyers opinion, a good rom to try to go up from the 2.2.2?

    Yes I am a noob but, but I was able to get my phone rooted and install getitnowmarkiting's recovery loader thingy working flawlessly.
    I know those are basic noob questions but I am pretty confused on custom romming from everything ive been reading.
    I can follow directions, so only minimal spoonfeeding is needing.
    I would like to put this out there as a discussion, for noobs and vetranes(sp?) of this forum too.

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  2. netizenmt

    netizenmt Android Enthusiast

    I'll be glad to answer your questions, as I have an LG Vortex I'm using now and am a former LG Ally owner which I had a LOT of experience with using custom ROMs on.

    Yes, you do. The ROM is built around the drivers and operating system designed for your phone's particular hardware. Load something for a different phone and you will likely end up with a very expensive paperweight.

    The ROM is based on the current version of Android that has been released for your phone. Currently, 2.2.2 is the latest version for the Vortex. You might find one based on an older version, but nothing newer.

    I'm not aware of any ROM that has yet been dev'd for 2.2.2. The few I have seen (2) are actually based on 2.2.1 so that would be a step down.

    Custom ROMs usually do 3 basic things - (1) remove the bloatware, (2) improve performance (marginally) and (3) change the theme - color scheme, battery icon, etc. Really GOOD ROMs have lots of additional tweaks, but those are much more rare. (Team Velocity RULED in that area on the LG Ally).

    Once you have rooted your Vortex, you already have the ability to remove the bloatware yourself. Installing getitnowmarket's custom Overclocking kernel (different from the recovery) will allow you to overclock the Vortex, improving its speed and performance. Changing the look and color scheme of the theme? Poor reason to chance bricking the phone for.

    Before you do ANYTHING else, make sure you boot into the Recovery and make a Nandroid Backup of your phone. That way, you can always return it to the factory state if you get a little over-zealous and remove more than you should.

    I hope this helped. Of course this is just one man's opinion and someone out there may be on the verge of releasing the best ROM ever... but until then... Best of luck to you! :)
  3. coryl812

    coryl812 Lurker

    so you have to boot in recovery mode to do a nandroid backup? how come when i hit boot into recovery mode it start my phone back to factory default setting like i just bought the phone?
  4. netizenmt

    netizenmt Android Enthusiast

    Because you need to install the custom recovery the OP mentioned first.
  5. iamalanwelch

    iamalanwelch Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey thanks for the reply!

    I have already put the custom recovery and flashed my phone. Its nice to be able to do it. What I want to do now is make a UI for it. Based on the LCARS from star trek tng/ds9/voyager. I think it would be cool. I'm trying to get a backup image from my phone into the Android SDK, but every time I load the emulator of the SDK it keeps 'rebooting' at the verizon logo anythoughts that anyone might have or step by step instructions to get it up and running would be great!

    by the way, netizenmt, howdy neighbor! lol
  6. brandon594

    brandon594 Lurker

    i only found 1 rom called thunder. any other ones?
  7. iamalanwelch

    iamalanwelch Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Keep in mind that I am not responsible for bricking your phone. AS ALWAYS MODIFYING YOUR PHONE/DEVICE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

    Why yes there are 3 that I know of.

    One is the breakneckrom (just search for that on google you'll have to find the one that has .info) This is the only stable version of the ROM that I have found. Or try searching for bhast2. I can not link you to it because of problems with the rom makers fighting over it. I think he took down his site but I would be willing to help get a copy to you, just remember that flashing is at your own risk and I have absolutely no responsibility if you brick your phone, (TO MODERATORS: if helping them get a copy of that rom isn't allowed please let me know so I can edit my post and save you the time!) All customization process for all phones are at YOUR own risk! I use getitnowmarketing 's recover image. Which I guess is a build on AmonRA's (i know i spelled the name wrong if someone could give me the correction I will edit this post.)

    Then there is getitnowmarketing 's rom which if you follow the link below and do EVERYTHING step by step you should be fine. Its the one I used at first, I like the revamp that bhast2 did. Its more responsive in my opinion.
    You'll have to do some hunting for his rom, but the recovery is there.

    And finally there is a cyanogen mod (CM7) mod that is in development by bobzhome which has a few bugs right now.
    The bugs are:
    1. Camera not working (which he is working on)
    2. Lock screen problem (He has a fix posted for that)
    3. Verizon data not working (which he has another fix for that as well.)
    This one is pretty cool, but it requires some work on your end to get it working right. Make sure you read ALL the posts in that thread.

    Good luck!!!

    Remember you have to root your phone first. There are many different methods out there. I used a rooting method from xda. Just search for LG Vortex ROOT, Rooting can be undone if done correctly most provide a step-by-step and are willing to answer questions. I'm not an expert but just a noob with a little bit of knowledge and experience. I'm still learning all this as well.
  8. ptrakk

    ptrakk Lurker

    do not cwm this phone. it will brick at the lg screen in a boot loop. instead use thunderc recovery.

    follow this it worked for me.

    screen animations don't work yet.. such as auto rotation. that's all i found. i heard the camera doesn't work but it worked for me.
  9. iamalanwelch

    iamalanwelch Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just want to ask why you say do not CWM this phone?
    If followed correctly the one made by BobZhome is now up and running beautifully, with a few problems left, but that is with any project. If you meant the recovery itself then, yes I agree do not use the CWM recovery. Use the AmonRA based recovery from the links in my post above if you so choose.

    For rooting: search SuperOneClick root and download it. Install the drivers for your device and it can root and unroot the LG Vortex.

    Also, there is an ICS (IceCream Sandwich, for those of you who are new) port from CWM 9, that seems to be doing the rounds for the LG Vortex. Link Below for the forum post.

    I personally, have moved on to a Motorola Droid (Original) to my ROM toying around. But I keep checking back here to see whats going on. I will load up the CWM 9 ICS port in a day or two and post back here with thoughts on it. To all you who dev for the LG Vortex still, a big thank you! Its nice to know you don't forget these phones.

    Much love to you guys!

  10. iamalanwelch

    iamalanwelch Newbie
    Thread Starter

    okay so i finally flashed the cm9 and it runs ics beautifully. it does seem to have some memory issues after using it for a while, ie hangs redraws that kind of thing.

    Well i am sorry to say my battery crapped out on it a few weeks ago so now it is just a paperweight. I'm not planning on going back to it any time soon or buying a battery for it. Please devs don't give up on it. its a nice little device.
  11. Jared631

    Jared631 Member

    I have a spare battery, well, quite a few actually, that I wouldn't mind giving out.

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