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Custom ROM (Frequently Asked?) Questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jvoegele, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. jvoegele

    jvoegele Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am considering rooting my Hero and installing one of the available custom ROMs for it, such as "Fresh" or "Modaco". However, never having done this before, I have some initial questions about the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. If these are frequently asked questions, I do apologize and will be happy if you can simply provide a link to answers. Otherwise, I would greatly appreciate answers to the below.

    If I root my Hero and install one of the custom ROMs...

    1. Am I still able to install any and all applications available from the Android Market?
    2. Am I still able to use the HTC and/or Sprint custom applications, such as Sprint Navigation?
    3. Will I still have the HTC "Sense" UI, or will it be the stock Android UI?
    4. Will there be any limitations as to what I can do on the Sprint network?
    5. If I decide I'm not happy with the custom ROM, what can I do to go back to the original ROM provided by Sprint/HTC?
    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

  2. Aldo Junior Ao2

    Aldo Junior Ao2 Android Enthusiast

    YES to everything. Go for it. Modaco is nice

    DFRESH Android Enthusiast

    Yes! Yes Yes!

    I say go with Fresh 1.1. ROM ..it's nice!
  4. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    What are the noticeable differences between Fresh1.1 with the stock taskbar, and Modaco 2.0? I'm considering messing with Modaco later tonight.
  5. jvoegele

    jvoegele Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So far it seems that rooting and installing custom ROM is the way to go! :D

    Is there a step by step guide for doing this, starting with the very first steps of rooting and then taking a backup, and then (by baby steps) proceeding to installing a custom ROM?

    I am on Ubuntu Linux 9.10 if that makes any difference.
  6. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    Hero CDMA - xda-developers

    That forum should help you out quite a bit for rooting purposes
  7. jvoegele

    jvoegele Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the link!

    I've gotten as far as rooting my phone, but after doing just that and not even installing any custom ROMs my phone already seems less stable than it was before. Google Voice now crashes on startup, and its icon is no longer present in the "All Applications" screen, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Also, the phone has spontaneously rebooted itself when I tried to unlock it after it had gone to sleep.

    Wondering if I did the right thing by going rogue? :thinking:
  8. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    Weird. I wonder if there was a step you didn't quite do right or something? I've rooted and unrooted my phone half a dozen times, and flashed ROM's a dozen or so times, and haven't had any problems
  9. jvoegele

    jvoegele Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It is quite possible I did something wrong. At one point, I had USB Storage enabled and therefore the phone SD card was mounted on my laptop computer. This caused some steps in the rooting procedure to fail, although I eventually figured that out and was able to proceed.

    How do I "unroot" the phone to get it back to the way it was? I'd like to back up and start the process over from scratch.

  10. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    If you are indeed rooted, you should be able to flash back to stock. XDA has quite a bit of info on doing just that. Read up, do a little research, and try again.
  11. pbrstanwood

    pbrstanwood Member

    where is XDA
  12. selenewiths

    selenewiths Newbie

    Just be careful on following xda-dev forums.. chances are if this is your 1st time, there's a probability that you might do some errors on the process...

    try and try until you succeed, just don't cook it.
  13. yung_wallace

    yung_wallace Member

    If you need to do a hard reset plus wipe to get it back to factory setting then just run the RUU is the rooted sticky in this forum
  14. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

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