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I have 2 galaxy s4 I9500 unlocked which were bought in the same time.
one of them was installed with custom ROM, and the 2nd one wasnt changed as all.

the 2nd one got the 4.3 update automatically, but the first one didnt (it says that there is no updates).

is it bacause the custom ROM installed?
If it is, is there a way to revert the one with the custom rom to the stock rom, and get the official updates once they're available?


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Yes the second phone will never update in the way the first does unless you unroot it and get it back to stock factory software. See this

[GUIDE] Unroot/Unbrick, Flash official stock firmware on Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 & I9505 - xda-developers

The other option is to keep it as it is and Flash v4.3 to the phone using odin when/if it's available.

If you are not good with this sort of thing you may do well to find someone who is, or at least join the forums and ask lots of questions in the S4 all things root forum before you try to mess about with your phone!

Good luck.