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Root Custom ROM prep and flashing - A Noob takes the jump...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by turbohobbit, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. turbohobbit

    turbohobbit Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 2, 2010
    Righty, now that I’ve gained confidence with my phone, first by making a goldcard and debranding (flashing a stock ROM), fiddling with the settings to force more apps to SD card, and now having rooted the phone using unrEVOked3, I’m preparing myself to take the big leap and installing a custom ROM. Unfortunately for you, folks, I have a bunch of questions and I appreciate that some of these may have already been asked in other guises in other threads, but I hope in asking these and having them answered on one thread it will help others in my position and act as a kinda psudo noob-guide. If all pans out, I’ll try and write a root-and-flash guide from a noob’s perspective to help other ham-fisted technoplanks! So here goes, and thanks in advance for all help / suggestions!

    1) Basic and silly one this: I’m currently running FroYo. I presume as and when Android release 2.3 and then 3.0 (we can dream...) I will have to flash a new ROM that incorporates those OS updates? Or will I have to install the new updates and then flash a new compatible ROM (working on the presumption that a ROM is basically a front-end to an OS running in the background)?

    2) I’m currently using a stock ROM on the Orange network (2.10.405.2, radio version and I’m looking for a custom ROM that does the following:

    - Gives A2SD+ (this was the main reason for my rooting in the first place)
    - Clears out all the gash like Facebook for HTC Sense, Peep, etc (I presume this means dumping HTC Sense in its entirety?)
    - Speeds up – or at least doesn’t underclock – the processor
    - Gives a better radio to allow max signal strength possible
    - Improves battery life

    I appreciate that some of these may be incompatible with each other – or may not be available at all – but I’d like a recommendation of a custom ROM that will give me some or most of these (I’ve listed in order of preference but at the very least want A2SD+)

    3) How do I go about flashing a ROM? Is it a case of downloading from the internet to my PC, connecting my Desire using the USB cable, and just running the downloaded .exe file?

    4) Will I have to download a radio file separately or will this be incorporated into the ROM, or does it depend on the ROM?

    5) If I have to download separately, which should I load first, the radio file or the ROM?

    6) Do I need to do anything to my phone before connecting up and running the downloaded ROM .exe file? I’ve seen mention of “wiping” the old ROM but this sounds a bit severe! Do I need to do this first, and if so how?

    7) I see in ROM Manager that there is the option to “download ROMs”. If I choose a ROM from here, is it simply a case of choosing one and letting RM and the phone get on with it?

    8) I’ve never really seen what HTC Sense brings to the party beyond extra apps and animated wallpapers. Is it really worth keeping if these things don’t rock my boat?

    9) I presume (that word again...) that if I dump Sense it may be desirable to install LauncherPro. What is this really and can I get it from the Market or do I have to download and install from the internet?

    10) I have used WIlliamJ's guide to force apps to SD card. Will I have to reverse this before I partitian my SD card for a2SD+ and / or flash a new ROM that contains a2SD+? Will this confuse the phone if I don't, or will the process of flashing a new ROM remove this mod anyway?

    Thanks again for all the help guys, I hope soon to be able to give back in advic and opinion what others have already kindly given - and continue to give - to me.


  2. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2010
    Technical Support
    Liverpool, Merseyside
    1. In a nutshell, yes
    2. Read the ROM threads, they list the features and what's been added/removed
    3. Download the ROM in ZIP format (they're not .exe), copy to SD card, boot into the custom recovery and select flash from SD
    4. Usually seperately, unless specified
    5. Doesn't matter, you're already on a FroYo radio so everything will work
    6. If moving from a different ROM then a wipe is recommended as it can't cause boot loops otherwise - again, read the ROM thread for all pre-requisites
    7. Don't know, never used it. Prefer to do it myself
    8. I love Sense, hate the look of stock Android. Each to their own
    9. LauncherPro is another launcher, as in home screens/app drawer/widgets/etc. If you remove Sense you can't use any of the Sense widgets
    10. Yes, but seeing as you'll wipe before changing ROM it won't matter

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