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Root Custom rom-which would be best for me ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FashFD, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. FashFD

    FashFD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all...

    Rooted my htc desire using unrevoked 3....am now wanting a custom rom but not sure which one to get..Currently I am running froyo 2.2 (was an ota update)...I am wanting (if possible) a custom rom that includes tweaks for better fps on recorded videos if there is one....

    Also I am wondering why even though I have installed move2sd enabler and my apps are getting installed to sd card I am still getting the low on space message as well (especially as it's an 8gb card)?

    Thanks in advance.



    LECTER Android Expert

    The one under my user name is very good.

    Should have posted in the "root" forum though. ;)
  3. FashFD

    FashFD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    oops sorry about that I'm sure a mod will move it :)
    Is it DHD rom you are taking about ? What benefits does that have over stock ?

    LECTER Android Expert

    It's fast, smooth, has apps2sd (sd needs to be partitioned), looks great.

    Read about it here:

  5. FashFD

    FashFD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks for that-what size partition do I have to make in rom manager ? (it's an 8gb card?) for ext etc ?

    LECTER Android Expert

    I have mine set to 600mb and ext3 (also have a 8gb card).

    Just make sure you download the version in my profile because the new update has a ton of issues!!

    My sig has a tutorial on partitioning.
  7. FashFD

    FashFD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hmm using rom manager only gives ext size 128mb,256mb,512mb then option for swap size 0mb,32mb,64mb,128mb,256mb....says nothing about ext 3,4 etc ?
    Should I use something else-saw rom manager on another post thats why i installed it..
  8. kewlbuddy

    kewlbuddy Android Enthusiast


    LECTER Android Expert

    Yes, Gparted in my sig!! ;)

  10. FashFD

    FashFD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    doh !!!
    Wasn't reading properly (what a dumbasss haah)..

    Will have a look asap :)
  11. FashFD

    FashFD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    watched the video, so basically i have to make the 1st partition fat 32 and 600mb, then the second partition will be ext 3 and the rest of the space on the card ?
    Just downloading gparted iso to give it a go..thanks will let you know how i get on :)
  12. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    I made my ext3 partition 600mb!

    You can use the thanks button to show your appreciation, if you like.
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  13. FashFD

    FashFD Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i'm all confused now then :(
    could you explain what size i should make the 1st partition then ? should that be fat 32 ?
    do i make the second partion ext3 and set that to 600mb ?
    what happens to the rest of the space on the 8gb card ?

    also confused as to which rom to download..my desire is factory unbranded on o2 uk..I think I need the second one (the insertcoin one as below-is that the one in your sig??)
    Really sorry to be a pain :(

    1.9x - 1.84 base TELIUS WWE baadnewz.nice1.at - /
    1.8x - 1.72 base WWE Index of /Desire_HD_Base/InsertCoin

  14. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    You're not a pain! ;)

    I don't really remember but I remember watching the video about 10 times before partitioning!

    Yes, the one in my sig that supports app2sd (version 1.8h)


    Maybe SUroot will jump in and help...
  15. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    You make the first partition fat32, and the size of it is the whole of the card except for the ext3 partition you add at the end.

    Before you start this you will currently have a single fat32 partition taking up the whole of the card. So you're basically shrinking that a bit and sticking an ext3 partition into the space vacated.

    As Lecter says, watch the vid as often as you need to, but that's the basic concept. Remember that repartitioning a card will wipe it, so back up your files and folders onto a computer first (you can copy them back to the fat partition once it's done).
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  16. neoghio

    neoghio Newbie

    Whats the difference between those 2 ROMS?

    Im thinking of trying out this ROM but I am a little confused.

  17. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    The one I use works without any issues.
  18. neoghio

    neoghio Newbie

    I know that the first startup can take a while... but does it stay on the boot screen looping?

    Bit unsure if I might have done it wrong.
  19. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    It took about 10 minutes for me.

    If it's really looping, try installing it again.

    Make sure caches are wiped!
  20. neoghio

    neoghio Newbie

    Well I cleared the caches again and flashed it again.

    When the boot screen kept looping I just let it sit there for a while and it worked :)

    They weren't kidding when the said this ROM was fast.
  21. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    Glad it worked! :)
  22. neoghio

    neoghio Newbie

    Love that I can use HTCSense.com

    I am contemplating going back to LauncherPro though as I liked the way you could tweak the homescreens with it.
  23. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    In which case, other than the Beta htcsense.com functionaility, theres nothing to keep you on that rom. If you think thast fast, try a vanilla rom like defrost
  24. neoghio

    neoghio Newbie

    Well seeing as I just flashed this one I am going to "test drive" it for a while and when I get bored I will look into defrost :)
  25. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    Don't listen to SUroot, he's jealous of this rom! :D

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