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Customer Service wants to replace

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Annonymous7, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Annonymous7

    Annonymous7 Newbie
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    So here is my issue. System time consistantly falls behind real time, keyboard stops working, and cannot send or revice text. Phone is practically inoperable right now. Called VM, to see if there was some known issue, they want to replace it. Normally I would have said "hell yes send me my new one". Problem is, this one is modded, and I believe that voids my Year Warranty. That being said, I cannot buy a new one, too expensive. Is this fixable, can I simply fix it? Or do I have to try and revert my cell to stock, and send it back, hoping they dont realize I've pulled one over on them?

    My phone is a very important part of my day to day business, I cannot go without it. Can anyone please shed some light on this and help me?


  2. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Android Enthusiast

    I'd try and revert to stock.
  3. AndyOpie150

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