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Root Customization

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ESSuraj, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Member
    Thread Starter

    How to quickly Create Custom Boot/Shut Animations

    First of all:

    This post is derived or rather a cut short version of
    with due Credits to
    of xda-developers.

    All members of this forum who shares their know-how,
    GTA; Sakib; Dark God..(just to name a few) who takes out time to create tips and tutorials.

    Required Stuff:
    1. Boot Animation Factory
    2. Animation Frames (Preferably 320 x 480 png files) (I have not tried other formats)
    3. Root Access
    4. Any file explorer with root access


    Step 1:
    Make a folder named bootanimation.
    Step 2:
    Inside bootanimation folder; make a folder named part0.
    Step 3:
    Keep all the individual frames inside part0 folder.
    I have used 320 x 480 sized png files
    Important: The file name of frames should not contain any spaces.
    Step 4:
    Click Choose Folder..
    Browse to bootanimation (not part0)
    Click OK.
    Step 5:
    If All-Is-Well u get a green tick.
    Click on Add loop
    Step 6:
    In the Add Loop window,
    Select the folder
    Select the Number of times the animation should loop.
    (0 for infinite looping)
    Click ADD.
    Step 7:
    To increase / decrease speed of animation; change the FPS.
    Step 8:
    Click Preview Boot animation
    A new window will give a preview of boot animation.
    Go back and edit the FPS etc as per your requirement...
    Step 9:
    Save your creation as bootanimation.zip
    Step 10:
    Now that you have finished making your animation, its time to copy this to your phone.
    Depending on your ROM, the bootanimation.zip file maybe in any of the following locations:
    a. system/media
    b. system/customize/resource
    c: data/local
    replace the existing bootanimation.zip file with the created one and enjoy the custom animation..

    **Shut animation is essentially the same procedure; except that the file is to be saved as shutanimation.zip
    **You can even do this easily without Boot Animation Factory.

    For this:
    1. Put all ur frames in a folder named part0
    2. make a txt file named desc.txt with following lines:
    320 480 => ur screen size
    30 => frames per second
    p => part
    0 => no. of times to loop
    0 => pause time (max 10)
    part0 => folder name
    3. Zip part0 folder and desc.txt into bootanimation.zip using winrar / winzip. 7zip may not work.

    Hope it was helpful.
    How to change boot logo will follow...


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  2. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member

    Great Work ! ! :)
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  3. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Member
    Thread Starter

    The next post is dedicated to all the developers and ROM Releasers..

    I have seen great ROMs cooked for A75.

    I have also seen some ROMs needs some fixes later on.

    But, one thing i have observed is some comments like:

    What I feel is, Look and feel of the ROM is Individual's taste.

    So I think, let Developers Cook the ROM.

    Users like me and many others should modify the Look and Feel of ROM ourselves according to our own taste rather than forcing the developers to change these small things.

    Let us leave the Developers to COOK bug free ROMs;:)
    We users will do the Garnishing..:D

    So i thought of giving a simple example to change the network icons and battery icons..

    But you can easily change
    Without any experience...Try it out...
  4. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Member
    Thread Starter

    Customize User Interface Using
    UOT (Ultimate Online Theme)Kitchen


    1. Root Access
    2. File Explorer to Root Access
    3. Copy of framework-res.apk (from /system/framework); SystemUI.apk (from /system/app)
    4. CWM Recovery
    5. Internet Connection
    Tool Required:
    (A very user friendly, easy, wysiwyg kind ONLINE Kitchen)

    Step 1:
    Keep a copy of your framework-res.apk & SystemUI.apk
    Go to UOT Kitchen. Kitchen
    Click on File Upload Tab


    Click on Upload System Files


    Browse to and select your framework-res.apk & SystemUI.apk files.
    Wait till the files are Uploaded


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  5. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member

    It think All the Rom Cookers Already Know This ! :)
  6. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Member
    Thread Starter

    That's why clearly told..For non developers like me and many others ..:)
  7. hiraak

    hiraak Well-Known Member

    good knowledge based article .....thanks

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