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Cut and Paste How to?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pospower, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. pospower

    pospower Newbie
    Thread Starter

    for the Droid or 2.0

    Please help here I am used to the iphone just hold down and you get a choice of highlighting all or some and you can drag to highlight then cut copy or past. All i can find in the droid is copy all cut all. Am I doing something wrong. By the way I love this phone this is just one area I have not mastered or maybe it has not been perfected as of yet.

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  2. AZDroid

    AZDroid Well-Known Member

    If you open the keyboard and hold the shift key you can then touch the screen and drag to highlight the text you want to copy. and when you lift your finger the highlighted text will be automatically copied to the clipboard.
  3. PetiePal

    PetiePal Android Expert

    Is there any easy cut/paste method for just using the touch screen?
  4. lvlln

    lvlln Member

    AFAIK, no, there isn't. It would be nice if there was a magnifying glass method like on the iPhone, because I thought that handled the copy-paste on touchscreen very well.

    Unfortunately, for now, the copy-paste is limited to text boxes and apps that allow it.
  5. diddiyo

    diddiyo Newbie

    in the browser you can do menu/more/select text and it will copy whatever you highlight without using the keyboard.
  6. Brynk

    Brynk Newbie

    Once copied?

    can someone give the nexp part?
    How to paste<g>
  7. AZDroid

    AZDroid Well-Known Member

    Just go to the text field where you want to paste and long press, the paste option will pop up
  8. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    You should be able to just long press in a text area and select Paste.
  9. Brynk

    Brynk Newbie

    thank you
  10. mbcase

    mbcase Lurker

    How do you copy and paste a web page link on the Motorola Droid?
    For example, I find a web site I like, and want to paste it into an email.
    The hold shift and select text doesn't work in the URL field at the top of the browser.
    Thanks in advance for any solution!
  11. ItalianScallion

    ItalianScallion Well-Known Member

    Long press on the address bar in the browser and you'll have two options: share page / copy page url.
  12. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member

    Best way to do this is to share the page because that will automaticly pasted it into and e-mail or other programs that are available.
  13. mbcase

    mbcase Lurker

    Thanks for the tips on URL pasting...I guess when in doubt on the Droid, always "long press"! ;)

    One more thing...is there any way to select text on a web page without dragging your finger? It's not very easy if you don't have small fingers or nails...isn't there some way with the directional pad on the keyboard?
  14. radikal

    radikal Android Expert

    i use the copy paste often and it does lack, but i get by! i notice it cuts letters out of words or whole words out of sentences! dear google FIX IT!
  15. Brynk

    Brynk Newbie

    How do you copy the current page's url in Dolphin?
  16. nealexus

    nealexus Newbie

    How can i copy text from e-mail message and past, for examp, to new text message???
  17. junktrunk

    junktrunk Lurker

  18. zeppelin

    zeppelin Lurker

    How do you copy a paragraph without the page moving?
  19. GlassJoe

    GlassJoe Newbie

    Can someone explain to me how to copy & paste something that takes up more space than the screen? If I hold shift and select the text on the screen I can't get it to scroll down to get more of the text. Is there something easy that I'm just missing?
  20. RichardOberle

    RichardOberle Lurker

    Is similar vien... using the Yahoo Messenger can you save part or all of converstion? Cut/Paste would be ok as well... I cant get it to work... my new android phone is great, but this appears to be a big weakness... the entire cut/paste issue...even my old Window Mobile phone could do this with ease.

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