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CWM for razr maxx

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eaglesbaby, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. eaglesbaby

    eaglesbaby Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone.
    I'm sort of a noob to root and recovery. I got the ICS update - is this Clockworkmod sticky still applicable with the update? Or do I need to use Safestrap 2.0?

    Thanks! Sorry for being such a noob :eek:

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  2. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert

    You must use bootstrap ics or safestrap 2.0 if u want to flash roms
  3. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert

    Use safestrap. Stay away from bootstrap. Most roms require you to use safestrap. And it's safer just make sure you read up and learn how to use it right
  4. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Android Expert

    Is there a writeup anywhere on doing this? I rooted a friends Razr and all i need to do now is install a recovery but i cant find a write up. He is on 4.0.4 software version:6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US
  5. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert

    You looking for safestrap or bootstrap?

    (Bootstrap for flashing zips)
    (Safestrap for flaahing roms)
  6. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Android Expert

    Looking to flash roms.. But the roms come as zips so I'm a bit confused with all of this.. :eek:
  7. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert

    You should do some more research...
    All custom roms come as zip files.
  8. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Android Expert

    You asked what i wanted to do. Flash roms or zips. I said roms come as zips. So i dont know where i need to do more research. Im asking for help, if you want to be rude then dont reply.
  9. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Android Expert

    By flashing zips he means something different than a rom. Example, Google now comes in a zip file that you would flash. It's just what we call it. But I would use safe strap for zips, and for roms. You cant have both of them installed on your phone or bad things will happen.
    3vodroid likes this.
  10. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Android Expert

    Well that's all I needed to know.. I didn't think you could have 2 at the same time. Thank you
    carracerz14 likes this.
  11. Biotic

    Biotic Android Expert


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