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CWM recovery bootloop, again.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by maciekmaciek, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Hi guys,
    I'm really new to "advanced phone settings", but yesterday I rooted my Ace (Andrid 2.3.6). Everything went wrong, including having to remove "Thinkfreeoffice". In the end though, I managed to accomplish my goal.
    The next step I wanted to take was preparing my phone for modding with Cyanogen Mode. I've made some little backup thingy (sms, and so on) and downloaded cwm

    That's where the "fun" has begun.
    In CWM menu:
    I had flashed recovery and, out of curiosity, clicked on creating a backup file.
    As I had done that, I got thrown into CWM recovery and, which is the main subject of my topic - into a bad, bad bootloop.

    I tried mamy things to get out, but none of them worked and I guess I could have done some nasty and stupid shit to my phone.

    I wanted to install stock rom through ODIN - stopped at Setting Connection.
    I tried cold boot - didn't work.
    I tried "exitrecovery.zip".

    After that I tried unrooting - didn't help (dump idea)
    Then I made "wipe" which was also dumb.

    Now my phone doesn't respond to adding zip files and doesn't cooperate with ODIN

    Please tell me if there's something more I can do, to save my Samsung

    worked it out with another ODIN and soft version

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