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CWM Touch Recovery Samsung Galaxy S2 4G SPH-D710VMUB(Virgin Mobile)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jaay Dogg, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Android Expert
    Thread Starter

  2. ellementz323

    ellementz323 Newbie

    Does it avoid the EMMC bug?
  3. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I flashed it my self & All good.
  4. peter counias

    peter counias Android Enthusiast

    I flashed the new clockworkmod touch recovery from aget rebooted the went back into recovery and was back to aget is this right or it because I'm on kobridge fL16 jb Rom.
  5. Suprtigr

    Suprtigr Newbie

    I also cannot seem to get it to stick through agat recovery. =[
  6. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Working on that one myself. i haven't embarked into the creation or port of clockwork recovery. Maybe b_random knows something about the recovery, If not i'll figure it out.
  7. peter counias

    peter counias Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone tried flashing an epic 4g recovery threw Rom manager an. Then. Flashhing. This. Zip?
  8. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    On this phone, the kernel and recovery are combined. The kernel has recovery packaged with it. If you flash just this CWM Recovery using Agats recovery, it will not take since you are still using the Agats kernel which is using its own recovery that it will revert back to after reboot. (Correct if I am wrong)
  9. steeljack99

    steeljack99 Well-Known Member

    i believe you are correct
  10. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Android Expert

    100% correct. So in case anyone is wondering, you must have a custom kernel with a custom recovery baked in. Having said that if you are on cm10 or other aosp based roms, you need a kernel for aosp based roms. If you are on the stock rom, or a sprint touchwiz based rom, you need a kernel that is touchwiz based.

    It is very confusing and sucks that the kernel and recovery must be packed together but i suppose we must make do with it.

    As soon as i figure out how to repack kernels, I plan on decompiling the stock fj12 kernel image, and pack in agats recovery so we can have a stock kernel that is built for our phone with a custom recovery in it.
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  11. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Nice, That would be great any time its a restore (not backup) its no custom recovery on the other side.
  12. cobretti

    cobretti Member

    Has anyone tried to dd this recovery img to the right recovery /dev/block? Is that a bad idea? Would that make it stick?

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