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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by smith058, May 3, 2012.

  1. smith058

    smith058 Android Expert
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  2. enomele

    enomele Lurker

    Highly doubtful. I would wait for one just for the 300. Don't quote me on that but I would want a brick.
  3. enomele

    enomele Lurker

  4. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire

    I would wait for TWRP. CWM is having some SERIOUS issues. CWM is terrible anyway.
  5. lowki

    lowki Newbie

    I have been a long time user of cwm and really love it; however, I did flash it on to my tf300t and beyond the point of never getting it to boot up for the first time, when I did a restore to get an interface back my WiFi would not turn on. Yeah, no WiFi on WiFi-only = $600 calculator. I had to reinstall the stock ROM to get it to work again and had to reroot the device. I'm just running a stock rooted ROM for now. I know eventually they will get it worked out but for now stay away.
  6. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire

    Just install AOKP, and you'll be fine. The issue is that the current recoveries aren't restoring the kernels properly, so WiFi amongst other things are broken.

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