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CWMR (Clockworkmod Recovery) For Micromax A25 by VAIBHAV

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vaibhavcoolm, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey Guys I have modded Clockworkmod recovery 6 for Micromax A25.

    Download Link :-


    MT6575 Scatter File : MT6575_Android_scatter.txt
    CWM recovery.img : CWMR_v6.0.1.2_By_Vaibhav

    UPDATE : Use the following CMWR CWMR^ UPDATE
    what's new :----
    1) I have fixed sd-ext support..now u can take the backup of sd-ext
    2) I have re-sized the big frustrating images to fit our screen

    Use our phone name as password all lower case without space...

    Steps :-

    {1} Open SP Flash Tool
    {2} Load the Scatter File Provided
    {3} Load the CWM Recovery (recovery.img)
    {4} Go to options ---> DA Download All ---> Disable DA Download All
    {5} Then click on download button
    {6} Countdown will start from 14 at the bottom naming (Please insert the USB
    cable in 14s)
    {7} Insert your USB cable while phone in power off state with Battery
    {8} You will see a yellow bar flashing recovery.img
    {9} At the end you will see a popup with green circle indicating success.
    {10} Congratulation You have flashed CWM in your Phone.


    You can go to CWMR by pressing
    POWER + VOL UP + HOME key


    If you want Stock recovery back you have to flash original recovery.img which can be found in micromax ftp server in stock rom.


    Please Donate me If You got happy with my work or If it works for you
    To Donate :-
    Go to nearby recharge shop and ask him to add money in airtel money...
    My airtel No. 9529179518
    or you can Log on to airtelmoney.in to load cash via Credit Card or Net banking...

    Errors And Their Solution
    1.) If it shows error related to DRIVERS NOT INSTALLED instead you have installed the drivers then do this
    turn off your a25 and remove battery then go to device manager of your pc insert usb cable of your a25 in switched off state in device manager it will show mtk preloder click on that and install driver manually (install usb vcom driver {Available on Micromax Website}) now try to flash it will not show error.
    2.) Android Partition Changed (Sorry! Don't know about this..!!)
    Then it will work...

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  2. karthiksitian

    karthiksitian Newbie

    sdcard mount failed error
  3. dj6283

    dj6283 Member

    until now everything i tried just failed.only reboot system now worked.
  4. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I hv searched on google about mount error in cwn...many are also getting this error but unfortunately no solution can u give me some time I will try to solve it maybe this is because of wrong scatter file....
  5. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Now A final attempt to install CWM Recovery...I will try soon. I am 75% sure that it will work but can't say about the rest...but I am sure it will work...Hope i works..Will upload soon
  6. xChetaN

    xChetaN Lurker

    @Vaibhavcoolm please try it and upload it man thanks :)
    and ya i have 1 question, is Android ics is compatible with mm a25?
  7. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I don't know about it but if I will succeed in installing cwm I will make a custom rom for it....
  8. amank

    amank Lurker

    forum . xda-developers . com/showthread.php?p=35836884
    (remove space)

    made by me. works nicely
  9. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Guys Link is updated download now...and install latest CWMR 6....
    Enjoy Guys....
    Working on custom ROM fro A25
  10. dhruvanshu

    dhruvanshu Newbie

    guys enjoy! i would be definately donating for CWM recovery and custom ROM
    when i get money..within a month..thanks brother =)
    I was Rooted and now even have CWM recovery
  11. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    U r most welcomed I want to tell u some interesting features about my recovery.img
    1) adb can be accessed via recovery.
    2) it makes ro.secure=0 so if u r not rooted u can root via unlockroot or any rooting software....enjoy...
    aslam77 likes this.
  12. davidheis

    davidheis Newbie

    ICS requires a minimum of 512 MB of ram and I have never seen a phone with 256 mb of ram running on ICS.
  13. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Galaxy y has only 256mb ram and 832mhz cpu instead of they they r running jelly bean....so why couldn't we...
  14. mangesh511

    mangesh511 Lurker

    does this cwmr has any known bug as one declared in mastermind cwmr procedure.
    i am doing it first time .
    also can u post nandroid backup tutorial
  15. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As per my knowledge my cwmr has not any issues...it is working fine..

    By doing nandroid backup you can recover back if u have bricked ur phone...
    To do nandroid backup reboot in recovery and select backup and restore and then click on backup it will backup ur system to sd card. If in case u brick ur phone u can select restore in cwm and volia...u r back so always perform nandroid backup before.installing any rom.....
    mangesh511 likes this.
  16. amank

    amank Lurker

    sd-ext mount is not working... So, no backup for sd-ext
  17. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Dude make sure u have an ext sd card partition and it should be ext3 not ext2 or ext4 coz our phone doesn't support it...so this is not an issue
  18. Abhii1902

    Abhii1902 Member

    Hey guys can u pls tell me is root necessary for cmw to work or not and how I can root after installing cmw
  19. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No root is required to install cwm in our phone I will soon post a flashable zip file by which u can root ur phone...
  20. Abhii1902

    Abhii1902 Member

    Pls post detailed method of installing cmwr for non rooted phone where to load cmw recover in authentication file or certification file or anywhere else
  21. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The above method is for non-rooted phones...you hv to download sp flash tool In order to install cwm...
  22. Abhii1902

    Abhii1902 Member

    When i click on download in sp flash tool it show a warning "Not all images are correctly loaded which may cause boot up issue do u still want to go on downloading anyway" should i click yes and how to root device after installing cmw
    & when u gonna provide ur jelllybean custom rom
  23. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes ofcourse u can proceed...I am working on jb and it could take some time so be patient install cwm and root ur phone and enjoy until I got accomplished in making jb for smarty...I m going 2 upload zip file soon...and remember to disable da download all option...
  24. vaibhavcoolm

    vaibhavcoolm Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    hey guys I have make an flashable zip file for you to root your phone..
    download here :

    No need of doing complicated steps and no pc is required for this...
    Its easy as 1,2,3....

    go to stock recovery or cwm recovery by pressing
    vol up + home key + power
    go to apply update from sd card and select the update.zip from your sd card you have downloaded from the above link and volia you are rooted with busybox latest su binary and latest version of superuser...
    please like it if it worked for you..
    I will not be responsible for bricked devices....
    Donations Are appretiated
    to donate PM me...
  25. Abhii1902

    Abhii1902 Member

    Thanks vaibhavcoolm m egerly wating for ur jb rom

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