Root CyanogenMod 7/Android 2.3 WCDMA ONLY OPTION


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Today I upgraded to awesome CyanogenMod 7/Android 2.3. But I dont knw where to choose WCDMA ONLY OPTION?? bcz when I download apps frm market I download them via 3G and it seems I couldn't find it. :thinking:

Is it a bug in CyanogenMod 7/Android 2.3???



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did you find a solution to this as i want to select GSM only to rid my IncS of SMS lag

For GSM only, just go to settings, wireless and networks, mobile networks amd hit "use 2G networks only", this will prevent the phone looking for a 3G signal.
I want to disable 2g all together... i turn it off and it turns back on by itself?!? also switches to gsm only mode (instead of auto) anthing that would trigger this?