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Cyanogenmod 9 (stable version)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by maxmaxter, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Member
    Thread Starter

    As you may already know, the final CM9 was released last night. I am wondering if anyone has tried it yet and what are your thoughts when compared to stock ICS (battery life, sms sound issue no more, how to get some stock apps such as Google Talk, etc.) I'm planning on installing this weekend :)


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  2. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Member
    Thread Starter

    So here's the update. I installed the Siyah Kernel compatible with i777 (there is actually a beta going around which works better than the one being talked about in the forums). I wiped everything and installed CM9. No issues at all!!! The typical problem with sounds that we have had in stock ICS is no more. The battery is lasting much more, booting up is definetly 50% less time than Stock ICS. From the apps I installed, the only one that caused a battery drain was Yahoo Mail (gone now).
    They did an excellent job on CM9. My S2 now feels like an S3 (there is no lag with anything - including gaming). I installed Gapps (all of google apps) to get Google Talk back and Google Search - works perfect.
    One bad side... all the stock apps that came with the S2 are gone (the office app, voice talk, folders, active apps, etc.). I have been trying to figure out how to get them back but I haven't yet :thinking:.

    Anyhow, that's the current update on CM9. It works! Cheers!
  3. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    CM9 is very nice but I've been running the unofficial CM10 which is really nice. Google Now is pretty cool as is the search feature. Everything seems to be working well although it's missing some of the CMxx touches yet.

    Still nice to know that these older phones are still getting some love from the dev's.
  4. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Member
    Thread Starter

    Noticed something interesting. When you install CM9, ROM Manager v5.0.1.1 is installed as well. Everything is flawless. Two updates to ROM Manager have appeared in Play Store this week v5.0.1.2 and v5.0.1.4. If you update above v5.0.1.1, the phone will stop reading the internal and external sdcards. So you could see pics and audio files on a file manager, but the phone won't read them on the pic gallery or music. Nevertheless, it will read whatever pics or music you put thereafter. This is due to the manager programed to different default folders. Therefore, do NOT update unless you are planning on wiping the entire phone and starting from zero. If you updated, uninstall ROM Manager and it will automatically roll back to v5.0.1.1. :rolleyes:

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