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CyaSSL SSL Provider for Android Released

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ccflyer, Aug 10, 2010.

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    yaSSL has released an Alpha of the CyaSSL Java SSL Provider for the Android Platform. This can be installed alongside the existing Apache Harmony provider and can be used through the javax.net.ssl Java API package. By using this provider, Java developers can use familiar syntax and API calls of Java to gain the speed and size advantages that the CyaSSL embedded SSL library offers. By using CyaSSL on Android, you can reduce the overall image footprint by 500k to 600k.

    Being in the Alpha stage, this provider currently only offers client functionality. If you want to give this provider a try, please download it from yaSSL's additional downloads page here:

    yaSSL | Embedded SSL Library - More Downloads

    Instructions for installation into the Android Platform can be found in the README file included with the download. We look forward to your feedback! Please keep in mind that this is an alpha release. Please contact yaSSL at info@yassl.com if you need support.

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