CyfrenMu V10 Ultimate

Join CyfrenMu version 10 Ultimate and become a legend!
An action-packed gameplay which fuel your adventure. Compete with rivals in daily events, weekly giftcodes, bonus recharges and take the challenges!
Server2 opened 15/01/2021
Giftcode free set F.O. T16
All giftcodes Server 1 & 2
-New Features
-Mount emblem system
-Tier 40 set and Tier 85 weapons Free upgrade with Festival Colection Event (Farming)
-Tier 30 wings
-New fashions like wings, costumes,Footprints and weapon up to lvl 30
-New mounts
-New pets up to 220
-1000 diamonds per mob kill and 4k diamonds per minute online !
-New titles flags
BP upgrade to unlimited !
New events BOSS & CRYSTAL'S in both servers with drop fashions & Ancient Crystal's
-Free E-Money recharges via pipe (30k each pipe minim 10 pipe for exchange) farming pipes on all maps killing monsters !
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