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Tips D.O.A

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lambdaplus, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. lambdaplus

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    Sep 30, 2012
    Automotive Engineer
    I had some problems with my A87 w.r.t wifi connectivity, browser, YouTube etc.,
    I went to my dealer to get it replaced or to exchange it for another mobile. I had had enough of trying to debug it!

    There is an option to return faulty handsets within 7 days of purchase to get a new handset or a different handset at your dealer. You have to goto the service center along with proof of purchase and all the stuff that came in the box - including the manual! They will verify your claim and issue a D.O.A wherein they box your phone and seal it in a cover and stick a statement on it saying the handset is faulty. (Some dealers do the going to service center themselves, however you'd then have to wait for a couple of days.)

    Please note that you get exactly 7 days (irrespective of working or non working). And you have to produce all contents of the box and bill. There is also three stickers on the box with IMEI labeled a,b and c. The b and c stickers are mandatory to get a D.O.A claim. Many customers were sent back because of not having these items.

    Another alarming thing was that of the 10 odd customers waiting, 4 had A87! And one of them was bringing back the A87 for the second time after already having got a replacement!

    I'm not judging the build or design quality, but there seems to be a serious problem with this device! I wish all your handsets work well! And I'd not recommend A87 to anyone!


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