Dec 2, 2012
I used to have TeamWin Recovery now when I try to run it through my pc it will not let me. Nor will it let me install any roots or other recoveries. I have a Lg Esteem ZVE and when I try to run recoveries or roots it just says Daemon not running and someother stuff and this is what I keep seeing

have you tried to reinstall drivers,reboot fone,and computer and let the drivers install,i have read a few threads thatpeople are having problems with there esteem and twrp working together, i would go tolg.com and get the newest lg drivers and download the zve update, if it states ur uptodate,go to options toip right and use the recovery update and it should return u bk to stock zve,then get the aio root and try rooting with it,if all goes well,you should be able to get to recovery with the power putton,if not dwnld rom manager and install cwm recovery threw rom manager and then you should be able to get into recovery,let me know if works
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