DailyScriptures: Wrong


This is copyright material, you have no permission to distribute this. May I suggest you contact the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society and request their permission to publish their publications in this format.

If you write to the said Society, you will also receive an explanation as to why you should not be using an app to provide an indiscriminate live link to the www.jw.org website.

Please reconsider all you are doing through these apps. Have you had a discussion with those who you associate with locally at the Kingdom Hall? They also will be able to give you suitable advice as to the inappropriateness of what you are doing through these apps.

You will enjoy the benefits of following the sound advice and requirements of the only channel provisions like this should arrive through.


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There is NO copyright on the scriptures. You can send it to anyone that will receive it. As long as you convey the truth that is contained and that Jesus is the Christ, I say keep on telling everyone. If you choose to believe that he is the ONLY way to the father, I will see you there. Jesus said that if any attempt to get there another way, the same is a thief and a lier.