Help Damaged SD Card (you maye have to format..)


Hello guys,

I wasn't installing, playing or even had the phone active for an a hour - until I heard it ringing with its default ringtone. When I took it I see it wasn't recognizing the card and than famous "Damaged SD Card - you may have to format you card" appeared.

Before I format it... you have any idea what caused this and are there any chances I can skip format proc. and somehow fix it?


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Its best to just format it. Could be caused by anything, any corrupt installatiom, card unmounted without clicking unmount or ejected from the pc without hitting safely remove etc.
You can backup the card contents, but leave the .android_secure folder, its best that its deleted, it contains ur sd card apps and they will be deleted and require reinstallation.


First off, simply taking the card out of the phone and putting it back usually fixed it for me (until the next time the error came).


July 28th (different thread)

I also have a S5830i, and I've seen the "SD card corrupt/removed unexpectedly"-error alot. This seems to be an error which occurs in android-version 2.3.6 on the Ace. It should be fixed in version 2.3.7, but nobody knows when this will be released to Samsung-customers.
I've asked the Samsung customer-support directly about this problem and they advised me to do a hard reset on the phone. This means downgrading to android 2.2, and means loss of some functionality. They did not answer my question about the update to 2.3.7.
I have purchased a new SD-card today to make sure that it is not the card which is broken. If I don't see the error during the course of the next week I will be a happy man and will report it on this forum.

Alltogether I am content about this phone, it would be excellent without the SD-card problems.

August 4th:

get a SanDisk SD-card

I had this problem alot. Some days it would come up 5 days in one day and the only fix to getting access to the SD card was to remove it, and put it back.

I tried:
-formatting it from my computer
-formatting from the phone
-clearing all apps and data
-Contacting Samsung Support, they told me to do a hard reset on the phone :mad:

Nothing worked.

I then read on another forum after searching the web for many hours that replacing the supplied SD-card with a new Sandisk SD-card (the brand seems to matter greatly in this case) fixes the problem.
I was sceptical and did not believe a brand could be so different, but I was also desperate. I bought a Sandisk-card (smallest I could find for experimentation-purpose : 2Gb for


I just got this message today about the SD card being damaged and I may need to reformat it. I have the Galaxy Note. I really have not had many problems with the exception of my Kindle app disappearing and once I thought all my music and playlists had disappeared but I rebooted my phone and they showed up. In very simple layman's language can someone tell me how to backup everything on my SD card as ALL my music is on it plus a bunch of my apps. I am not very computer savoy when it comes to dealing with files and these things so I need very simplified instructions. I also need to know how to get my stuff back on the card after I reformat it. I do not really want to reformat if it is not necessary because I have a ton of songs and playlists on it. Also if I back the music up will it save my playlists too or do I have to go through all that again setting them up. Sometimes I wish I had kept my IPhone. Soooo much simpler to work.


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Don't be frightened by the warning message, just reinsert your sdcard and reboot...most of the time is because the card is loose...