Damn auto updating!!!


Android Enthusiast
Jul 13, 2010
Central Jersey
Got a replacement TB a few days ago and I was lucky enough to get one with one that hadn't been updated to the most recent software so I was extatic!! The new software is horrible on battery life from my experience. Well today I woke up to a message saying my software had been updated...Not a happy camper!!!! I know this is a useless post, just wanted to vent!
What software version were you on before? I did notice a bit more of a battery drain on 170 but since going to an aosp rom my battery has been better. I recommend rooting and going back to an older version. :)
I dont know what the software version was exactly but I do plan on rooting. Just need to find a wifi I can tap into for my laptop cuz I use my phone as my hotspot so I lose connection during the process