Darkside 4.0.3 Frustrations


How do I:
-modify the app shortcuts in the dock?
-stop Swiftkey 3 from asking me to "Select Input Method" every single time I put the cursor in a text box?
-change the background color in the stock messaging app?
-turn off the "screen on" option for when I receive a text message?
-Get the notification light to flash when I'm getting a text/e-mail/other notification and switch on when I'm charging the phone?
-Get rid of the "Wi-Fi Calling Error-REG09 "Missing 911 Address" notification that won't go away. This didn't show up when I was running 2.3.6 unrooted and on standard Touchwiz ROM.

For the WIFI Fix just click on the error in the Notification bar and then it will bring you to the settings. Just disable it there.

For the Changing the dock icons you can't. As far as I know.

For the keyboard problem you need to go to your settings and click on the icon that says input. From there you can disable certain keyboards and enable certain ones. Mess around with that.

And as for the texting thing I would just download the Go SMS Pro app from the Market for free and then go into the settings and turn the screen on feature off! And I think you can get custom themes and stuff!!

I hope this helped!!