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Dastin releases CM 10.1 (4.2.1)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davidmargolin, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  2. miked6875

    miked6875 Member

  3. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    should have s-off and eng hboot
  4. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    I'm running it fine with JBear 1.50.5050, which is more compatible with TWRP2 than ENG 1.04. The OP says not 1.58, which means no 1.57 either. Anything at 1.50 or lower should work.

  5. optimusv45

    optimusv45 Well-Known Member

    ENG Hboot ok with TWRP 1.1.1 ?
  6. Superorb

    Superorb Well-Known Member

    What do we have to do to get this to play nice on VM?
  7. skarface1988

    skarface1988 Well-Known Member

    I just tested the ROM, and finally the music works perfect without me doing a force close like the rest of jb rom.
  8. youaregreat

    youaregreat Well-Known Member

    Bribe g60madman with some cookies
  9. optimusv45

    optimusv45 Well-Known Member

    from the look of things, S-off and ENG Hboot. it is just released today so if u want everything to work, will have to wait a bit.
  10. Superorb

    Superorb Well-Known Member

    We don't need to change any network settings? I'm already S-OFF and I'm on JBear 1.50.50 HBOOT which should also work.
  11. optimusv45

    optimusv45 Well-Known Member

    not 100% sure.. its listed on XDA as a 3D rom and doesn't mention support for VM, so u might need to turn urs into a 3D, which shouldn't be hard for u since u have Jbear 1.50.50 meaning u know how to flash things in Hboot already.
  12. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    I haven't tested it with 1.1.1, only, and that version gets partition errors with the ENG hboot so I recommend the JBear 1.50.5050 hboot if using TWRP2 (touch). The best way to find out is to start the recovery and then check the log to see if it is reporting any errors with the hboot installed.

    If you check the OP for the ROM, dastin recommends 4EXT recovery, hboot 1.04 and the latest Sprint firmware, which for VM users would be the version that came with the OTA. I'm sure other combinations of recovery, hboot and firmware will work but those are the developer's recommendations.

  13. optimusv45

    optimusv45 Well-Known Member

    thats a bummer .. since my initial backup is on 1.1.1, don't care for touch recovery and they no long offer the free version 4EXT on playstore.. why cant things just stay simple :)
  14. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    You might still be fine with TWRP 1.1.1, it's just that dastin won't support booting issues unless you are running the recommended configuration. I flashed and booted it successfully with the JBear 1.50.5050 hboot, but I do have the current Sprint firmware and use 4EXT.

    The only version of 4EXT available for the Evo 3D is touch, but you can still get it for free by downloading the Recovery Updater from 4EXT Development and installing it as an .apk, then use that app to install and update 4EXT recovery.

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  15. nerdmastax

    nerdmastax Well-Known Member

    somebody tell them root dim can adjust the brightness. i cant post on xda in dev
  16. crafty35a

    crafty35a Member

    Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely give this a try when he puts out a VM build. By the way, on his latest CM10 VM build, I still get text notifications for voicemails (and no standard voicemail notification). Is this a known issue still? He had a changelog item about fixing VM voicemail, and I had assumed that was referring to this issue. I can't post in XDA dev section, or I'd ask there.
  17. skarface1988

    skarface1988 Well-Known Member

    3g no work. But it really annoying that i cant respond or post anything on xda.
  18. landonh12

    landonh12 Android Enthusiast

    Done. I'm using this as my daily driver guys, because I can live without the camera. This ROM is butter smooth. No battery stats yet though. I'll try all day tomorrow with it and see how it does.
  19. koopakid08

    koopakid08 Android Expert

    Twrp2 works fine with the eng hboot... I've been using it with the eng hboot for months without a single issue.
  20. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    Look at the log file after you start TWRP There are errors on the misc partition and the partition sizes are off from what they are with the 1.50 and 1.57 hboots. See http://androidforums.com/evo-v-4g-all-things-root/663486-twrp-2-3-htc-evo-3d.html for more detail.

    Personally, I'd rather use an hboot like JBear 1.50.5050 that runs error free with TWRP

  21. badboytoast

    badboytoast Well-Known Member

    Would you recommend hboot 1.50.5050 over hboot 1.04 for the htc evo v 4g?
  22. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    Yes, for day-to-day use.

    If you check the partition layouts displayed by the "cat /proc/emmc" command the ENG 1.04 hboot has a different misc partition size and the one for the 1.50 hboot matches the stock ICS hboots. I've attached the output of that command for three different bootloaders if anyone wants to compare them. There are some partitions in the ICS versions that are missing from both the 1.04 and 1.50 hboots, presumably to support additional functionality.

    The ENG 1.04 hboot was released during the development of the Evo 3D and there are later engineering versions but they only work on the development hardware version (HW001) and not the production model (HW002). If you want to know more about the engineering bootloader you can read this thread on XDA. Note the warning in the OP of that thread:

    Most of the fastboot commands that the engineering bootloader adds are supported by the custom hboots, and the ones that aren't are pretty dangerous, which is why I usually recommend the JuopunutBear GB 1.50.5050 hboot. My philosophy is to use the most current version that works and I would recommend the JBear ICS 1.57.5757/1.58.5858 version if it flashed and booted all ROM's. From what I've seen here and the XDA forums, the rest of the original firmware upgraded by the OTA works fine, so the bootloader is the only thing I would change, and only if you need it to flash and boot GB and/or AOSP ROM's.


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  23. optimusv45

    optimusv45 Well-Known Member

    ramjet, u think jbear 1.57.5757 works with this rom ?
  24. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Android Expert

    I highly doubt it because that rom is sprint based and it won't work. Even on the 1.58 hboot. Use the 1.04 hboot instead.
  25. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    I know that it doesn't. Anything below 1.57 should work though.


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