Data cable source?


I left my Samsung charger and data cable at a hotel last week. Where is the best place to get a replacement data cable and charger?
The Droid Charge uses a standard micro-USB charger. You can pretty much use any one you like. The $14 ones you find at Walgreens work just fine.



Android Enthusiast Samsung Replacement USB Data Charging Cable for Samsung SPH-M330, SCH-R100, SGH-T939, and SCH-R850: Cell Phones & Accessories

They are a little shorter at 30 inches (2.5 feet) than the cable that you get with the phone, but at $1.30 a piece... I can forgive it.

I use them mainly for connecting my phone to my computer to transfer data to the SDCard, doing thing in Android Debug Bridge (ADB), and to ODIN ROM images to the phone. All three activities work fine on the cable, the last two activities require a solid data connection for obvious reasons.

I also found this one too...