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Data connection gets stuck connecting to network

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by baldmosher, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. baldmosher

    baldmosher Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Android 2.2
    T-Mobile branded ROM
    no task killers installed

    This problem happens intermittently. When I get a text message, I take the phone out of standby, write a reply, send it, but it won't send. I then notice that (usually) H has been enabled by Juice Defender, as usual, but rather than connecting and syncing as usual, it seems to connect OK for a couple of seconds, but then gets stuck with only the up arrow highlighted. (The Mobile toggle switch appears as if it's connected.) Whilst this is happening, I can't send or receive text messages, make or receive calls, or use data, although Wifi still works.

    If I disable Mobile with the toggle widget, it doesn't make any difference at all, it still sits there trying to connect.

    It'll sit there for minutes at a time like that (not sure how long, I always get bored watching).

    Solving the problem is simple: just enable Airplane and disable it again. Everything resets. This is still a pain in the bum though and I shouldn't have to do this.

    My wife lives in my flat and her Desire is also on T-Mobile, although with stock unbranded ROM, and she also uses Juice Defender, and has never experienced (or never noticed) this issue.

    It happens with Juice Defender disabled and Mobile set always-on.

    It happens in every location in the UK, so it's not transmitter-specific.

    It has occasionally happened randomly whilst I'm sat using the internet, but not as often, so I wonder if it's a general reconnection failure problem, e.g. when switching between H and G. I can't say for sure whether I've ever noticed it happening on anything other than H.

    T-Mobile have been no help whatsoever, offering to send my phone off for repair (up to two weeks without a handset) but they've not offered to send me a new SIM, I can't see how that would be the problem anyway.

    I've checked a couple of settings mentioned in this thread but to no avail

    I've not tried calling HTC yet - I suspect they won't have a clue.

    I am planning to root my Desire at some point so I'll soon discover whether or not it's the T-Mobile ROM that's to blame (my wife's using the latest unbranded ROM)

    Anyone else experienced this?

  2. gizmo2501

    gizmo2501 Lurker

    Hi there.

    Yes, I have exactly the same problem. I am with T-Mobile too. They are generally awful. Do you also get problems where you will find you have a voicemail but the phone never rang? Or that you simply cannot make calls in full signal areas?

    I get the whole text message not sending issue regardless of what text messaging app I use, my data drops every 2 minutes (literally), and I have to go to airplane mode and back. It's a joke. T-Mobile have obviously been useless with it and keep flashing my APN settings OTA, but that works for about 5 minutes before the issue happens again.

    I first experienced it on 2.2, but then upgraded to 2.3 through the HTC website and still got it. So I rooted and flashed a Stock 2.3 ROM with Sense that also allows you to install fully to SD (thus finally getting around the poor internal memory issue), but I STILL get the problem.

    People on Orange get it too. Since T-Mobile and Orange are sharing their networks, maybe it's something to do with that? I don't know. It can't be a problem with the Desire, though, because otherwise forums would be full of complaints.

    Well, there you are. You're not the only one!
  3. gizmo2501

    gizmo2501 Lurker

    PS I don't use Juice Defender.
  4. baldmosher

    baldmosher Newbie
    Thread Starter

    HTC support person didn't have a clue but did have good general knowledge including how to tread carefully when advising about rooting the phone.

    He recommended that I try a factory software reset before I return for repair (and of course advised I wait til it's repaired before I root the phone - fair point!)

    I'm going to try a factory s/w reset first, but judging by comments on here from people with similar (but not exactly the same) issues to me, there appears to be a faulty batch of motherboards that HTC seem happy to repair if you physically return the handset.

    I don't have any reason to believe it's the network or settings at fault, because my wife has the same phone, contract, transmitter and apps (the only difference is hers is the stock ROM and mine is T-Mobile "branded" which only seems to extend to the custom animation in the startup screen) but doesn't have any of these issues. She is also short of phone memory all the time but doesn't have so many apps installed to SD. T-Mobile have always maintained (or at least after troubleshooting, eventually agreed with me) that it's not a network issue and that my best option is to return the phone for repair so I don't blame them (yet).

    Interestingly Googlemaps, GPS and internet access went totally to pot the other day, I uninstalled Flash updates to free up some phone memory, and everything started working again. And then Flash re-updated itself automatically, yet it's still working OK.

    "Bill, strange things are afoot at the Circle K."

    I for one can't wait til I get a Desire with more power (i.e. a Sensation) but am hoping that a h/w repair will solve everything as I like the thought that my Desire can be repaired like a PC!
  5. baldmosher

    baldmosher Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Turns out the reason everything was going wrong probably is down to corrupt software or lack of memory. Did a factory software reset, reinstalled all the apps that I need, not just the ones I felt like installing, and everything seems to be OK now, and also I have a lot more free memory.

    Lesson learned, don't install apps unless you need them.

    Assuming everything continues to work OK, it's only another 9 months before warranty expires and I can root it or upgrade to a Sensation.
  6. baldmosher

    baldmosher Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Change of mind. I now believe this IS a T-Mobile issue. It did it again today. I've got plenty of free memory this time and it's still getting stuck and requiring airplane toggle to kickstart it again, but today it took a couple of minutes to reconnect to any of the networks once I'd toggled it.

    It still might be a hardware issue, as I've had a couple of FCs this week, but nothing consistent.

    Needless to say it's not bothering me enough to send it in for repair, but I might do that anyway just before the guarantee expires :D

    And if they don't find any faults in the hardware, needless to say I will be dumping T-Mobile and going back to O2, no matter how much extra they charge, it's worth it for the excellent service!

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