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Data connection keeps disappearing (permanently)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by horseman_uk, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've rooted my phone and alternated through a few ROMs and kernels, ending in VillainROM. I had a problem in VillainROM whereby the data connection only works for about an hour but then stops working altogether. The connect icon (3G+, 3G, H, G) disappears and there is no access to the internet. I've tried turning 'Packet data' off and on again as well as flight mode to see if I can kick the data connection into restarting. The only way I've found so far is to reboot the phone.

    So, I've put the phone back on to the stock ROM because it wasn't much use without a data connection. However, the problem still persists and I'm at a loss about what to do next. I've checked the APN settings and they're all correct.

    Can anyone make any suggestions about what to do next?

    Thanks for your help!

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  2. PeaveyAxe

    PeaveyAxe Newbie

    Hi, I'm with Bell Mobility in Canada and have this problem as well. Wifi always works but mobile data does the same for me too. I find sometimes toggling flight mode works to get it back. Toggling packet data doesn't help the problem. Even restarting phone hasn't helped the problem at times. I'm starting to suspect that PowerAmp may somehow disable the internet, but I have no proof of this. It seems to happen whenever I'm using this program but not all the time. My phone is not rooted.
  3. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    did u turn on data roaming?
  4. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No, I haven't turned on data roaming but I don't need to. I am in my home country using my normal carrier and I didn't need to before I started messing around with the phone.

    Can nobody suggest anything to start looking at for this issue?
  5. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    You said you've reverted to the stock firmware. Does the installed modem firmware match? Check Settings/About phone and compare Baseband version with Build number.
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  6. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the hint.

    Baseband version: I9100BVKG3
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.XXKG3

    I thought from reading previous posts that the important bit is the KG3 (which match) - is it important that one is BVKG3 and the other is XXKG3?
  7. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Can anyone tell me if the difference matters?
  8. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    No, it shouldn't matter so long as the version (KG3) is the same.

    It's perfectly possible to run differing firmware and baseband versions without problems btw, but matching them reduces the risk of incompatibility issues when troubleshooting.
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  9. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hmm... so I'm no closed to understanding why the data connection keeps stopping. :(

    Anyone have any ideas or leads I can follow?
  10. NixK7

    NixK7 Lurker

    Had the same problem with data connection dropping or disappearing altogether and only a reboot would restore it.

    Never had the problem when i got the phone which was on the original Orange firmware.

    Only started after i started using custom ROMS,tried various ROMS but kept getting the same problem, from what i can work out it was being caused by the custom firmware mixing and matching components i.e kernals and modem files etc.

    Have just installed the XWKH4 firmware from XDA, its in the Frankenstien section

    http:// forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1075278

    Which uses the KH3 modem file with KH4 kernal and the problem has gone, not lost data connection all day, even switching on WIFI and then off which used to cause it is fixed, leaving phone for 2 or 3 hours untouched, still got a data connection when i wake it.

    I did a full wipe of the phone/cache before i flashed it this time and then another after the flash just to make sure it was fully wiped.

    Not a single problem, give it a try, hopefully will fix your problem as well
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  11. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your suggestion, it's certainly given me something to think about but your baseband version is KH4 and mine is KG3. I'm not an expert on these things but I believe that using the wrong baseband version is a bad idea. Then again, I can give it a go and if it doesn't work I can just migrate back to the version I'm on now!
  12. NixK7

    NixK7 Lurker

    Your baseband version will update with the new firmware, mine was KG5 (also been KE2,KG3 depending on what ROM i had flashed) the KH/KG simply refers to the version of firmware KE being an old version KH the newest, the next incarnation will probs be KI or KJ

    KE is gingerbread 2.3.3
    KG/KH is Gingerbread 2.3.4
    KJ will probs be 2.3.5

    Baseband after firmware upgrade is KH3 kernel is KH4 modem is KH3 (this is the important bit for the data connection, i think your confusing your baseband with this)

    I'm in the UK as well and the phone is working better than it ever has

    the KH4 firmware is a single file which you iinstall using Odin, very simple.

    It is a non wipe version tho, which is why i completley wiped my phone before installing
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  13. devilinside

    devilinside Lurker

    hello guyz i am new user of android and its my first android phone gs2 i cant receive and send namecard or known as business card in some phone my packet data(data network) is enable some one else having same problem plzz help !!
    and my baseband version is : i9100XXKF1
    build number : GINGERBREAD.JPKG2
  14. massad

    massad Lurker

    I have had trouble with it as well.

    But i think i got the solution. (it has been working for most of people that i see on foruns, and it is improving the connection response speed as well).

    You try to change the modem of this firmaware. Get a new modem, KG6 modem's has worked for people with this problem.

    Try to get only the modem.bin file, and change it using ODIN!

    If you dont know how to do it, or if you cant find kg6 moden.bin , just tell me and i will try affording it for you!
  15. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Okay, now I'm not even sure what I've done. The phone appears to be working after I tried to flash the file:

    Android 2.3.4

    This package has: PDA: XWKH4| Modem/phone: XXKH3| CSC: XEUKD1
    Download: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    I used Odin and entered the same file for the PDA, PHONE, and CSC then tried to flash it. It failed twice with some sort of error about 'LOKE'?! I thought I was in big trouble so I tried to fall back to something that I knew worked (but not entirely.) So, I flashed CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KG3-v4.1-CWM4 which is the Kernel I used originally to root the phone. I was then going to put VillainROM on it. However, the phone booted up and seems to be working.

    In About --> Phone I've got the following:

    Baseband: I9100XXKH3

    How the hell the phone is still working is a miracle because I've pretty much lost the plot on what I was flashing and where. The fact remains that it's working, though. :eek:
  16. NixK7

    NixK7 Lurker

    Did you download the XWKH4 firmware from XDA ? if so once you extract it you should have had only one .TAR file which you put into ODIN 1.85 in the PDA section

    Then flash that, it contains everything you need
  17. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I thought that you needed to put the tar file with the modem.bin in the PHONE section of Odin?
  18. NixK7

    NixK7 Lurker

    You should have just ONE tar file named


    You should have downloaded a self extracting zip file that will give you the above file
    That is the only file you need, as i said use ODIN 1.85 which you can download from the same page at XDA, select this file as PDA and nothing else

    Then connect phone and flash
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  19. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for all your help, it's been really useful. I must admit that the phone is working just fine in its currently state - whatever that is - so I might just leave it alone unless the data connection starts playing up again. It's been a learning experience and there's a lot of conflicting advice out there.

    From my perspective, it wasn't clear about the KG3/KH4/etc. thing. Most sites say that if you start with a KG3 then you should download pretty much everything with KG3 specified in it, although that appearst to not be true. It would be great if someone did a FAQ for dummies (or to be more fair to them/me - people who are just starting out with Android phone rooting.)
  20. horseman_uk

    horseman_uk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just to update anyone who is reading this thread my phone has been working fine for 24 hours now without a single data connection drop. It's also rooted so I think I'm going to stop tinkering now... until I see another ROM I fancy. :rolleyes:

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