Help Data connection keeps dropping


I leave Wifi turned on on my phone all the time. Recently I have noticed that when I am not in a wifi signal area, my phone is no longer automatically switching back across to 3G / GPRS. If I go into the 'wireless and networks' settings, and untick then re-tick the box for 'Mobile Network', it picks up 3G again and I can browse no problems.

I have also noticed that once I have done this, the phone will continue to work on 3G for a while, but after a couple of hours it will drop the 3G again and I have to turn the mobile network option off/on again to get it to pick the Internet back up.

I am on UK T-Mobile but use the T-Mobile/Orange signal sharing.

Anyone else having this problem? Or know of a solution?

Cheers, Gaz

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You can turn on Mobile Internet, but is the Option "Always on Mobile Data" checked?

I'm not sure if they share the same 3G signal yet, but I know for a fact Oranges 3G coverage is very, very poor.


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No "Always on Mobile Data" was not checked. I'll give that a go cheers.

I'm guessing it might chow my battery a bit more now though?!