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Data failing on cm7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by smackswell, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. smackswell

    smackswell Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I'm rocking Tickerguy's latest cm7 build, and while it's working beautifully, I have to toggle data regularly to get it working again.

    I tried adding the EvDo only string to build.prop, but that doesn't seem to help with the issue. I had this issue with the stock ROM, and Princely seemed to rectify the issue, but the Princely ROM had some other glitches that kept me from keeping it fulltime.

    Does anyone have an idea for fixing it? Didn't want to clog up Tickerguy's thread so I started a fresh one.

  2. geiseric

    geiseric Newbie

    I am also experiencing it, and did not post it for the same reasons.. It was odd, first, it fixed everything. Then, after day one or two, the problem became much worse than it ever was on stock, where I have to reset 3g via airplane mode whenever I want to use it. I'm not complaining though, I'm sticking with CM7. To me, its worth it to deal with that stuff simply for the battery life, among other more aesthetic reasons. Also, I saw some posts blaming it on virgin mobile, which may be the case. I will go back to stock and test for a few days next week I think, see if there is any validity to it.
  3. smackswell

    smackswell Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Have you tried Princely? If you have the time or inclination, I'd recommend testing it out and seeing if there's a change. My data was working beautifully. I'd keep it but battery life was taking a serious hit, though that could be due to the data actually working all the time...
  4. geiseric

    geiseric Newbie

    Actually, my bad, I caught up on reading the CM7 thread again and this issue has been pretty thouroughly discussed, no certain conclusions about it but I think people are pretty aware of it. Someone was saying it may be a regional thing as well, that may have some validity. It certainly would occasionally disconnect before, but not like this. Again, for me, its worth it to be running CM7. I looked into princely rom, but.. I think I will wait on testing that one. I will return to stock at some point this next week to test and report back if I notice a significant difference.
  5. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast

    Note that the radio firmware is not modified from what's in the phone - we have no way to do that right now.
  6. geiseric

    geiseric Newbie

    Hrrm, well, if it helps at all in your debugging, after testing on stock and on the princly rom, I have noticed that the connection tends be more rare and typically fairly eratic, whereas on the CM7 rom it tends to be constant and predictable (after being locked for a relatively short period of time). I don't think everyone is getting this issue based on what I have read, so.. it may be hardware related in terms of the way the way your CM7 code is compiling that is only compatible with some of the devices. I know that there was at least two series of releases for the triumph based on the whole software version stuff.. perhaps the hardware was slightly modified between them(I have NO idea how that stuff works, im just blindly conjecturing)?

    *edit* Just as a disclaimer, I know these issues have tended to pop up and increase in frequency over time (at least for me) and it may be the case that on stock and on princely, I just wasn't using them long enough for this to occur, in which case it would be entirely irrelevant. I will continue to test both and compare and see if anything changes, and let you know what happens (if it helps). Also, if it means anything, that issue first disappeared for me and then reappeared after a few days on your early build, but then after the fact on the more recent cm7 releases, has always been there immediately.
  7. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert

    I use Princely as my full time ROM, I have never seen any of strange data cases or reports. Exactly, which version are you using?
  8. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast

    I highly doubt that the build has anything to do with signal issues like this.

    The ROM has almost-literally nothing to do with the radio other than taking its signal and doing things with it. That is, it doesn't control the seek functionality or have direct control of much of anything in the radio, other than "on/off" and it can REQUEST 3g/1x only (which the radio can promptly ignore if it wishes.) Nearly all of the radio's communication is one-way - upbound - and we have no code for it; it's all what's in the unit.

    At some point motorola MIGHT release a new flash that updates it. Maybe.

    I'm pretty-well versed in how the radio code talks to the system at this point, and there's just not much of anything the operating system can or does do with its internal functioning.
  9. geiseric

    geiseric Newbie

    To Austrie: The most recent two are what I tested on, and they showed no differentiation from what is typical on stock triumph, which seems to me is likely a result of failure on the part of sprints towers, becuase I had just as many disconnects on my optimus V when I was using that.

    To Tickerguy: Hrm, well, I'm guessing then it is just a matter of the issue appearing later in the other ROM versions. I'm not sure what is going on with it, the CM7 roms definitely SEEM to be failing more commonly and predictably than the 2.2 roms. Is there anything I can do to help look into it? To clarify, for me it happens after locking for a few minutes. As stated in the CM7 thread, the signal bar turns white upon unlocking, then after putting into airplane mode and back out, turns back to green. While the disconnects happen in 2.2, they seem to happen fairly randomly, and rarely, having little to do with locking as far as I can tell.

    Let me know if I can give any feedback at any point that would be helpful.
  10. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast

    No really, no. It's something that I can't reliably reproduce except by doing something like sticking the phone in a place with a really shitty signal, then it's reasonably reliable in going into that mode.

    The white status bar just means it tried to background sync and failed (data disconnected); control over that process beyond asking for a data connection (which it definitely is doing) is entirely within the radio.
  11. geiseric

    geiseric Newbie

    I kinda figured that was whats going on with the white bar. Perhaps the poor signal thing is the reason, in my city, the triumph tends to get around two bars on average, unless I am away from all of the taller buildings.
  12. smackswell

    smackswell Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I was actually trying to say that your ROM seemed to fare better with the random data drops. I'm curious if you made any changes that would relate to data connectivity. EvDo only hack? Or more besides that?


    I was trying to say that stock and your build give me consistent data drops. It's certainly not worse than stock. No insult meant.

    Thanks to both of you for your work. Happy to buy you both a beer via PP!
  13. lifeblows10

    lifeblows10 Android Enthusiast

    I've noticed this too... but it is what it is for now. HOPEFULLY we will see a update for the Triumph from Moto soon.
  14. Austrie

    Austrie Android Expert

    LOL, you people have jokes now a days. You know that phone manufactures don't release updates till after months, we might get it in March or April.
  15. isaacj87

    isaacj87 Android Expert

    To those complaining of data droppage on CM7 as compared to other ROMs, the reason why other ROMs seem better is because they're not built from source.

    Kitchen ROMs merely take the already built stock ROM and add to it. So, essentially, you're getting the stock ROM again with some different apps, maybe a different kernel and a different theme. The data usage performance will be no better or worse than the stock ROM (since it's the same thing). Unless a ROM is built from source, it's not different than the stock ROM. Furthermore, cookers who work on kitchen ROMs cannot fix bugs within the ROM. You can't really fix something that's already been built.
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  16. tickerguy

    tickerguy Android Enthusiast

    Incidentally if I can manage to reproduce this and find a set of conditions in the code that represent the state the radio is in, I may be able to detect it - and then force a reset of the RIL and clear it.

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  17. frdmspoplr

    frdmspoplr Well-Known Member

    I NEVER had any issues with data when I was on stock, but after using CM7 for a full day now I've had to turn airplane mode on/off 3 different times. Coincidence?
  18. Hardcore Icon

    Hardcore Icon Newbie

    ^^ i think this is really the best answer...

    i have flashed every rom on the list and have used them extensively.
    the data drop only happens on cm7 and miui... probalby, as explained
    above, due to the fact that they are 2.3 based and are not directly
    built from the stock 2.2. I am located in a solid sprint covered area
    with data speeds averaging 1.5 + on a consistent basis with no data
    drop at all on stock based roms. only receiving data drops consistently
    after 30 minutes of screen lock with 2.3 based roms. as these roms
    are still in an alpha phase, this is to be expected as the devs will
    need to reproduce this event on a consistent basis so that they
    can see whats actially causing it.

    i have faith that it will be fixed.. just need to give them some time :)
  19. MrBlah

    MrBlah Newbie

    I have had my triumph a couple months now, and I installed CM7 yesterday, did a full reset/format

    now I have to toggle airplane mode every time I use the phone to get data to work
  20. smackswell

    smackswell Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Posted this on TG's cm7 thread, but it's more pertinent here so I'll post it.

    Issue is no longer occurring for me on cm7. these are the changes I made:

  21. Hardcore Icon

    Hardcore Icon Newbie

  22. MrBlah

    MrBlah Newbie

  23. NewUser0

    NewUser0 Newbie

    I also have data problems on CM7. On stock ram data stayed connected without problems.

    Now it does not stay on most of the time. I have been rebooting my phone each time, but am glad to read that air plane mode on and off fixes it. Not so terrible to deal with.

    If I use google talk to talk to someone then turn off phone and do stuff for a bit, i'll come back to google talk not being connected and not being able to use data on any app. happens every time with gtalk. kind of annoying because then i can't get peoples replies but i do understand nothing can be done at this time.
  24. jacksonvega

    jacksonvega Newbie

    i had the same data problems for soooooooooo long! this app actually fixed it somewhat well its on the android market its called connection checker jus download and set up extremely easy options menu and your done! havent had failed data in 2 days so far!

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