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Data Plan problems

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Dragid10, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Alright so im trying to get a tmobile comet or g1 off of craiglist. But i found out you can't use the g1 without a data plan. but i dont have a data plan. and i dont plan on getting one at all. i just want to use wifi. So how do i get thru the phone without having a data plan. i Just want a nice android phone without a data plan. But i want wifi. So hoe do i do this. And please explain to me how to do this for both phones cuz i dont want a useless phone.

    p.s i am on tmobile i have the sim and everytinh i jus needa kno how to get past startup without data plan and how to set up wifi. im not on any current data plan
    p.s.s i kinda needa this soon. thx in advance

    Actually let me kinda rephrase this question.... Ok so if i get a used tmobile andriod phone from craiglist and the person that had it previously had a data plan and didnt reset the phone in any way possible..... And i put my sim card in: 1.will i still be able to use the phone then connect to wifi?
    2.will they charge me because the previous owner was on a data plan and i am not
    3. Will i be able to send mms on the phone (g1, comet, and mytouch)

    If i cannot get past the account sing in screen how do i get past the screen without having to pay a dime?

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