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data plan question on bogo droid offer

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by KrisPeezy, May 27, 2010.

  1. KrisPeezy

    KrisPeezy Newbie
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    I was in the vzw store recently and found out that the BOGO droid offer ends sometime around 6/20. One of the reps told me that I could use the offer to get myself a droid and an incredible because they are the same price when it comes to an upgrade.
    So my mom and I are due for an upgrade on our family plan, but I know that she won't utilize the $30 data plan. I'm thinking that we could do the BOGO droids, and then sell the motodroid and use the money from that to get her a more suitable phone.
    Finally, my question is, Can we cancel the data plan for her line if we get rid of the smartphone and activate a simple talk/text phone for her? I was thinking that there might be a contract on the data plan or something that would force us to continue paying for it even though we're not using it.



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  2. The 2year contract basically says that you will maintain the line of service for the whole 2 years, not what phone you're going to have for those two years (and by extension what level of data you're going to need to use).

    As a Verizon Retail Sales Rep, we use the "add-a-line" option to allow people to purchase new phones at 2year contract price when they aren't eligible for an upgrade. They get the new phone on a new line and then transfer it to their normal number and drop their old phone or a dummy phone on that new line.

    In other words, there shouldn't be a problem getting the droid on your mother's phone line and then putting a feature phone onto that line without data. Be advised, however, that you will still have the smartphone early termination fee associated with that line if you ever wanted to cancel that line.
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  3. KrisPeezy

    KrisPeezy Newbie
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    thanks stealthgriffin! that was an awesome quick reply
    I just need a few things clarified. So how would it work when I cancel the data plan and switch to the feature phone, will I still be charged for the initial $30 from the data plan therefore the first month? And if so, when is the last possible opportunity I would have before cancelling the plan to get the most bang for my buck?

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