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Data Recovery For Soft-Bricked OnePlus 5T

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hexivoid, Jan 18, 2019.

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    I'm really anxious and nervous about this so I'll simplify this as much as I can; recently my phone was turned on on top of my desk and randomly restarted. I thought little of it, as it quickly went through the OnePlus logo (it began to take longer the second time I restarted it) and Android splash screen, but then stopped on the circles animation and remained looping there. I have very important data on it that I'd like to recover and WILL NOT factory reset (flash) my phone.

    The battery icon and percentage still show up when I plug in the device. I still have access to Recovery Mode, Fastboot, and Sideload through their key shortcuts. I previously had USB Debugging enabled but can't authorize ADB since I can't check the confirmation dialogue box (shows up as "unauthorized" in command prompt). I had very little storage (less than 250mB) for the last few days. I don't have root access, custom recovery, or an unlocked bootloader.

    I already tried clearing my cache; if I restart after doing so it only takes a few seconds to pass the OnePlus logo as opposed to the ~20 seconds it previously took. This delay raises every few restarts. I've tried waiting many hours to see if anything would happen or if ADB would start functioning. I also tried fully draining my battery overnight and nothing happened. My files are not deleted/fully corrupt since I could still see them when flashing through internal storage from Recovery Mode. OnePlus chat support said I have to flash my phone and Twitter support refused to respond. Local data recovery centers said I could get my phone shipped to them for a free diagnostic, should I do so or is there a way to unbrick or recover my data at home?

    Is there anything I can do? Thank you very much!... for now I'll just remain depressed...

    TL;DR - My phone's stuck at the circles boot animation and I want to recover my files or fix the soft-brick without resetting. I don't have root access, custom recovery, or an unlocked bootloader.

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