Data Recovery HTC One X+


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how do i recover data from my HTC One X+ (running ICS 4.2.2)? My device does not load as a drive hence recovery softwares are not working.
I searched for ways to mount MTP (media transfer protocol) device as a drive but found nothing.
How can i recover my lost data? pls help...


Android Expert
What operating system is the computer you're connecting to run?
If Windows, are you sure you have the correct MTP drivers loaded?
Did it work before or never work?
I'm using Win7 and Mac OS X 10.8.X... Before updating to 4.2.2, USB mode worked just fine. After update, the device connected via MTP. On Mac, i use android file transfer. All drivers work fine. However, for data recovery, the device needs to be mounted as a drive. Which is a problem since it's not supported anymore by 4.2.2 update!