Dec 13, 2009
I'm on a tmobile contract, free mobile, included, and I notice there's an option in my hero's setting which is unchecked at present for data roaming. I tried checking it, and it warned of the prospect of extra chrarges. Will this be the case, with my contract?
Roaming means when you are in an area and you can't get a tmobile data service/signal, it will connect to some other service provider so that you can still get data usage.

Its like when you go to another country and your phone connects to a foreign network, thats roaming. But its EXPENSIVE. Unless you want possibly VERY HIGH bills leave it turned off.
Thanks for that. I have a pay as you go sim that I might use when I go abroad, so I wont have any unexpected bills when I get back. Do you know if it only applies abroad, or if it was turned on in the UK, would it seek out a network other than tmobile if tmobile were not available, and would I then get charged for it? Is that how it works?
Possible I'm not entirely sure. I know that the service provider you "roam" onto has to have an agreement with your own service provider. I would think its best to keep it off just to make sure. T Mobile should be able to confirm this better than me tho :p
Many thanks. I have to get in touch with them to enable my phone to work abroad, anyway, so will confirm with them, then.

All the best.
Data roaming should relate to using internet services whilst abroad specifically - this can be pretty expensive, so only use when necessary or if you are rich :rolleyes:

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