Nov 16, 2009
Hyde UK
Hi, just wondered what data speeds people are getting on their Hero.

I downloaded the speedtest.net app from the marketplace and tested my data speed.

I am on the 3 network using an umodded unlocked HTC Hero running the HTC updated ROM.

Results were as follows :

Test Date: Dec 2, 2009 11:47:36 AM
Connection Type: Utms

Download: 4046 kbps
Upload: 396 kbps
Ping: 230 ms

A detailed image for this result can be found here:


Sent from my HTC Hero

Which is pretty much better than the wired BB I have at home.
Let me know your results
My home broadband is awful, it registers 0.3 Mbps on Speedtest. My mobile however (T-Mobile UK) clocks in at 1.88Mbps down, 0.54Mbps Up

EDIT: For comparrison, just did it in Kbps got 1921 Up, 556 Down. Sounds like you've got a good connection on 3