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Data usage settings unusable

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jemann, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. jemann

    jemann Lurker
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    Hello forum.

    I took delivery of a new Moto G 3rd gen today after deciding it was time to upgrade from the Nexus 4 I've had for the last three years. I opted to install the Marshmallow OTA update straight away in spite of the stories of high battery drain, as a friend also got one of these phones recently and reported having no such problem after he installed the update.

    However, I've hit a different annoying problem now and am wondering if it's a general Marshmallow problem, or just specific to the Moto G Android build.

    I want to set a data usage limit of 3.0 GB and a warning threshold of 2.5 GB. I went into the "Data usage" screen and enabled the "Set mobile data limit" option.

    The first problem is that I can very rarely get the limit and warning markers to stay where I put them. I drag them to the right value then release and they just pop straight back to a totally different value.

    Occasionally they will stick where I put them, but if I go back out of the Data usage screen then back in, the markers have reset themselves to incorrect values again. Sometimes, the warning marker sets itself to zero, meaning I get a constant warning showing in notifications. Other times, the limit marker disappears altogether.

    After getting annoyed with this, I tried to disable the mobile data limit altogether. I toggled the option off, but when I went back out and back into the Data usage screen, it was once again enabled with unsuitable values.

    This settings screen seems completely screwed up. It doesn't allow correct setting of the data limit and warning values and won't consistently save any settings when exiting from the screen.

    Has anyone else observed this problem on this phone? Is it known to happen on any other phones running Android 6?


  2. Marty48

    Marty48 Newbie

    I'm using Marshmallow and have not experienced the issues you describe. However I don't rely on the feature because the "data used" that is displayed doesn't agree with the billing from my provider (Consumer Cellular). Provider states that it may take 48 hours to get an accurate data usage number from their website so you'd think the phone then would be more accurate in the short term but this has not always been the case either. And of course when you're down to the last few days of your billing cycle and approaching your data limit, that's when you really want an accurate readout. I know this didn't answer your question but it may shed some light on the real world practicality of this feature. To help maintain your sanity, I would only suggest that you try to analyze and correct one issue at a time, e.g. getting the warning screen to work acceptably.

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