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Data usage....

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by idonthaveaclue, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. idonthaveaclue

    Thread Starter

    What kind of usage is everyone getting. I seen an article where AT&T will be doing away with unlimited and 95% of customers use less than 2 gigs. I figure Verizon will be following this sooner or later. So how much is everyone using?
    My usage right now the last day of my billing cycle is 2,875,500 KB. Not to sound ignorant but isnt that 3 gigs almost?

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  2. idonthaveaclue

    Thread Starter

    Here's the article i was talking about from AT&T...http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/plans/data-plans.jsp ......(it says 98% of users use less than 2 gigs, wow i use 3 gigs?????)

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  3. idonthaveaclue

    Thread Starter

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  4. Bill

    Bill Well-Known Member

    I use around 1 GB a month that is with daily internet browsing usage, along with many apps that access the internet and I view a youtube type video here and there maybe a couple times a week. I rarely stream any music, podcasts or radio stations at this time.

    And yes that is just about 3 gigs.

  5. proginski

    proginski Newbie

    I usually use right around 5 gigs. I stream alot of pandora and radio time. My wife uses right around 3 and she doing the same things...Phil
  6. gruss

    gruss Android Expert

    Around 2 here, hope VZW doesn't go to ATT price plan. Even though I still pay less for data than ATT plan.
  7. CheezWiz

    CheezWiz Well-Known Member

    3-5 gigs here. RadioTime and I download Audio podcasts using BeyondPod.
    My new android phone seems to eat data more than my WinMo phone did doing the same things..
  8. idonthaveaclue

    Thread Starter

    yeah im on the road alot and listen to pandora, iheartradio or at bat mlb

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  9. JimmyHat

    JimmyHat Well-Known Member

    I used 3.1 gigs this first month. I stream Pandora/Twit/Listen/Youtube/Gps/Pdanet/Ustream plus general non wifi surfing. I use wifi whenever possible. Also, when I get my Slingplayer in a few weeks my bandwith will soar.
  10. vandyblackandgold

    vandyblackandgold Well-Known Member

    cycle ends on 7/1

    usage thus far: 283465.61KB

    4 e-mail accounts, numerous calenders, facebook, twitter, foursquare, regular internet browsing to read news at lunchtime, marketplace browsing for new apps on regular basis...

    dont know if you could call me a power user as i dont go as far as streaming music or watching all my videos from youtube, but i do upload twitpics and twitvids and send plenty of mms between my wife and myself, so i would say i am a heavy user.
  11. tsanuri

    tsanuri Android Enthusiast

    Let me preface this with saying I think the plans AT&T came up with are not good. I think they should have maybe lowered the 2GB to $20 and then raised the price to $35 for 5GB.
    But I do not doubt the numbers they are giving because of the study Cisco did for moble broadband earlier in the year.
    And where I think the plans are fine for the adverage user for the next year maybe 2 at the most then even the adverage user will be in trouble. The study was for mobile broadband not smartphone usage. But lets say the adverage smartphone user uses half the amount of data with the 7GB by 2014 that puts smartphones at 3.5GB.
    We have gotten spoiled by the unlimited plans when the airwaves are finite. The EU has had to deal with this for quite sometime but they also have real competition. We can hope LTE will give us real competion as well when all these plans will go into effect.
  12. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    i have a question regarding data plans if someone could please clarify for me. i am using the motorola droid and i rely on the tethering (pdaNET) for my netbook as i do much traveling now. will i soon lose my unlimited data plan from verizon? or will they grandfather me and keep my unlimited data as i heard some say they will?


    i hear that the droidX is the 'last' of the smartphones that will do unlimited data on verizon -- is this reason enough to upgrade my motorola droid to the droidX so that i can hold onto the unlimited data plan? i just don't want to wait till the end of the year when my contract expires and find out that im out of luck in terms of unlimited data UNLESS i had upgraded to the droidX... any suggestions/comments/HELP?

    thanx you :)
  13. tsanuri

    tsanuri Android Enthusiast

  14. sic0048

    sic0048 Android Enthusiast

    I'd highly doubt that any "grandfathering" of current data plan amounts would be tied to a specific phone. If Verizon changes (and I assume it is more a question of When rather than If), I'm sure they would have a set cutoff date just like AT&T. Anyone who has unlimited data prior to that data will be able to keep it as long as they don't change the contract. Anyone wanting to purchase a data plan after that date get the new prices/data useage models.

    Tethering is a whole different set of costs if you following your TOS. (I'm not judging here, but just trying to post facts).

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