Data will not delete with hard or factory reset


Hi, I'm trying to delete all data by doing a factory reset. Everything I've read said this is the way to delete data from a samsung galaxy in order to say, safely sell the thing. But I do the hard reset, but all the phone does is reset all the accounts and settings, but somehow files (pictures, pdfs, etc) still remain. I've tried every single option in the reset menu. There is no SD card installed. Nothing works to clear files. Is there anyway to this?

(Apparently the user I bought the phone from had the same problem because all his/her photos were on the phone even though the factory settings were at defualt settings and no accounts were logged in. )

I am having this problem for both my Samusung Blaze and old Samsung Galaxy player 4.0.


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Bring the phone into a Best Buy. (Note to mods - this is not advertising - it's the only place you can go.) Most Best Buy stores have a desk with Samsung people working at it, somewhere in or near the cellphone department. They can probably do a complete wipe of your phone with their little "secret" apps.