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Database App that syncs with MS Access

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by TeresaTT, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. TeresaTT

    TeresaTT Member
    Thread Starter

    May 29, 2011
    Are HanDBase and Cellica the only two databse apps that will sync with MS Access?

    I used SprintDB Pro on my Windows Mobile phone which was very powerful. So I've been trying out Cellica and although it looks as though it might meet my needs, I'm having a lot of trouble syncing, both via local wifi and via the internet. It also drives me mad that after designing a form on the PC I can only run it by syncing it to my phone. I also can't seem to change column widths on a subform grid.

    HanDBase doesn't have forms on Android which is a big let down for me. I downloaded the trial desktop pro version for Android and couldn't find anywhere to load up an MS Access database even though the pro version is supposed to support this.

    I would love to be able to sync my MS Access databases wth my Android phone and maintain my data through custom forms. Are there any other apps I should be looking at?




  2. jacke85

    jacke85 Member

    If I am correct AccessReflex is another database app which works in all smartphones
  3. ddhsoftware

    ddhsoftware New Member

    Aug 18, 2011
    Hi Teresa,

    I can't comment on the other options out there, but can respond regarding HanDBase. You are correct that as of now our Android version doesn't support forms. That may come in the future, but is dependent on how much interest the feature and the program in general has on the Android platform.
    That said, even on platforms where we do support forms, the Record screen auto generated by HanDBase does the job most of the time for most people.

    In regards to Access, the documentation explains how to convert an Access database to HanDBase as well as synchronize a HanDBase database to an Access database. When you installed it, there is a section where the plugins are set up- these are menu options to make things easier for you if you're working with Access. Assuming you chose to install the default plugins, if you just want to convert an Access database, it's pretty simple- in the HanDBase Desktop program, select File, and choose the option to convert from an Access database.

    If you want to sync to an Access database, you'd be going into the following menu:
    Android Users
    Select your User from the list and choose Sync Settings
    Now if you want to sync to an existing database, you'd select the database from the list, check the box to sync with Access and press the Configure button to control the settings of this.
    If you want to sync to a new database, select the option to create new Shared database and give the HanDBase database a name, then follow the same steps as above to set it to sync from Access.

    We have our own user forums on our site if you get stuck or need any further help. There are lots of HanDBase Android users on there and are a very friendly and helpful bunch!

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