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I left my tablet (GT-N8010) charging after going out for a meal this evening, and only left it plugged in (at around 70%) and locked. When I returned, I found the tablet completely powered off, although still charging (the battery didn't seem to have gained any power, however).​

Anyway, I power the tablet back on and discover that the date has reset to Sunday 1st January 2012, and the time was 3:00. Also (unsure if related, but it is an issue) my YouTube application is reporting "problems with the network", despite having a very strong wifi connection, and all of my other (commonly used) apps working.

After a browse on these (and some other) forums, I have decided that a soft reset may be in order, however I am worried that this may make my external (micro) sd card unformatted with the newly resetted tablet. If I move all files across to a computer and then format the sd card, and then move the files back, would this solve this issue? Or is this not an issue at all?

In short, the tablet date and time have reset after the tablet powered itself off, even though I left it locked (with close to 70% battery). I have considered a soft reset: would this be worth my time? Is there an alternative? If it is an option, would the formatting of my external sd card be an issue? How could I overcome this? Thanks for any help :)


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I would save as much as you can to your computer, Internal and external SD card memory, just as a backup. You never know. ;)

Generally a factory reset doesn't touch the external SD card, but the internal memory partition does get wiped. It's always good practice to back up your data every so often, Murphy's law is always lurking.

Have you tried a simulated battery pull?

Press and hold the power button until the device reboots. See if that will change anything.

Also go under Settings / Date and Time and see if your time zone was somehow switched.

Let us know if any of that makes a difference. :)