Date and Time Widget - Font control

Old Bob

Is there a way to increase/change the fonts of the date and time samsung widget? The time font is a solid size 40 but the day and date is size 6. I would like the widget to be on the top of the home screen - not as a whole screen. Any help appreciated.


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Not really sure on the Samsung, but are you talking about the widget that looks like this?


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Unless someone else chimes in, my guess is that since it is a system app/widget, you cannot change the font size.
When you are creating the widget, if it does not give you the option to change the font, then you cannot.

However, there is another app that you can use to make/create/customize widgets that include, but not limited to, date and time. You can customize the size of the widget any way you desire.
Check out Zooper Widget (among other similar apps). I suggest Zooper because I use that app;)