DateBk for Android (from Pimlico Software) seems imminent


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For those who are migrating from a Palm device, you probably either use (or depend heavily on like me!) the powerful Calendar/ToDo app called DateBk.

I just got this email from Pimlico (the makers of DateBk) and it sounds like an Android version of DateBk is just around the corner:

"CESD at PimlicoSoftware is now working very hard on getting a preview release of a Pimlical client for Android available, but he needs your help right now too! As you may well know, all the revenues from the sale of Pimlical Software products go towards Wildlife Conservation, so he is also spending valuable time working on keeping the Gorilla Haven facility open. But with Palm's fortunes sinking rapidly, so are the revenues that pay for this facility. So your purchase of Pimlical at this time will really help gorillas as well as provide you with a useful calendar application for the desktop. It will also help speed up the development of the Android version if he doesn't have to spend as much time fund-raising for Gorilla Haven!
Those of you who no longer have Palm devices will find its management of Google Calendars helpful almost no matter what Smartphone you have as almost all of them now can sync with Google Calendar!

NOTE: if you still use a Palm device, make sure you read the section in the manual on how the sync with Google Calendars works as it is a very flexible mechanism and it will help a lot if you understand how it works so you can set it up properly to meet your needs and expectations! By default, Pimlical will not automatically sync all your Palm data.

As soon as the Android version is out, work will commence on other implementations as the Pimlical calendar code is written in Java which facilitates moving it to other platforms. "

Hi, I only just read this. Fantastic news if it is true. So far in my explorations of Android diary apps I've been a bit disappointed to find that form seems to override substance in most cases, with nothing like the functionality of the Pimlico software.

The message does seem rather cryptic though, I'm not quite clear whether he's writing programs or tending to gorillas. He needs our help, by purchasing pimlical? But it's not here yet! Frankly, from the garbled sense of that message I'm not holding my breath!