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Datel Wii wireless retro controller.....works!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by CirkDroid, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. CirkDroid

    CirkDroid Member
    Thread Starter

    So I bought this.........

    Wii Wireless Retro Controller - Codejunkies US

    It's a completely wireless version of the classic controller for a Nintendo Wii. I was hoping it would be a better replacement for the wiimote for playing SNES games on my Nexus One using SNESoid.

    It is!

    Everything synced like a snap by going into the SNESoid controls, enabling the option for "use input method" and turning off the virtual keypad.

    Every function available on the controller works well, and is recognized by the Wiimote software available in the market by searching for wiimote. I am using the free (donate) version made by CCCP.

    You then just manually configure each button in SNESoid. If you are using the screen upside down option, you'll need to reverse your directions of course. I prefer to do this so I can set my phone down and have the volume buttons be on the top of the phone instead of the bottom of the phone.

    There is no lag that I can detect, and I've tried it with 5 games.

    I've tried it with Zelda, Super Metroid, R-Type, and Street Fighter, and Super Mario World. Out of these games, Super Metroid And Street Fighter by far has the more complicated control scheme, but as I've played this game fairly recently I didn't spend a lot of time trying it out.

    Some thoughts:

    It is a lot more comfortable than you might think. It's shaped basically like a classic controller, the rubberized grips on the back are VERY solidly put on, I couldn't even take them off if I wanted to. These shouldn't be falling off anytime soon, they are on there with a deathgrip! It's pretty light.

    The only button that does not work on the controller with the phone is of course the power button. This is used to turn off and on a Wii, useless for the phone of course. The sync button on the back works perfectly, and you will have to use it whenever you turn the controller off by pressing the power button on the controller. Which is a good thing, as the controller can be disabled from being able to send data when you're not using it. More battery saving there I'm sure.

    Some sites have suggested it has a plugin for mini usb so you can recharge some rechargeable AAA batteries with it, mine does not. AAA batteries only.

    The D pad seems to not be as good as it could be, it feels like it doesn't stick up high enough, and at times it seems like it doesn't recognize a key press. It's not as good as the d pad on a PS3 sixaxis controller, that's for sure and it's not quite as good as the d pad on a wiimote.

    Which is fine by me, even with a PC emulator, I tend to prefer to use the analog sticks even for digital controls except for games such as street fighter and the like, which I don't play anymore.

    So I use the analog sticks to be setup as the digital controls. Both sticks are recognized by the software and in Snesoid.

    Now, for the quality........

    Anyone who'se played these games is going to want to instantly know..........


    Not with using the dpad. The dpad on this is not very good. It was tolerable for Zelda, but it just doesn't fly for Street Fighter. Not even remotely. I couldn't even fireball with it.

    Dragon punching is pretty hard at first. Maybe I'll get better at it. Strangely enough, this is EXACTLY how it was when I was a kid playing this game on my SNES at home. In the arcade it was a lot easier. I'm not sure why I can't do it on this controller very well,

    It works PERFECTLY for super metroid, which is great news. You don't program in the diagonal buttons in snesoid, you just program in the 4 way directions and the phone's built in 8 way notch works perfectly for aiming diagonally if you don't want to use the shoulder buttons to do this. Great news as it's one of my all time favorite games.

    But oh well, I don't really feel like playing street fighter on the phone, except for maybe showing off to friends. Well, that would be fun in and of itself, but not really. If I don't use ryu, ken, or sagat, all of the characters control perfectly.

    It's recognized by the software as a classic controller, so I'm sure that a couple of months ago this would NOT have worked. The wiimote software was only recently enabled to work with classic controllers.

    By utilizing the wiimote software, it looks like there is no limitation with how many button presses you can do on it at one time, which is a hardware limitation in the droid phone using something such as a game gripper.

    In a nutshell, if you don't mind shelling out $50 for it, don't hesitate to buy it! It took a week to ship, and the $9 shipping including UPS tracking service. A signature was not required.

    I'm happy with it.

    It's about 30% longer than my phone, just a hair wider, and a lot thicker. Not pocket worthy unless you're talking a cargo pocket, but very easy to throw in your bag.

    PS: If your phone is expensive I'd only recommend using this where you know some jerk won't snatch the phone off your table or something.

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  2. jojitsu

    jojitsu Member

    Fantastic info, thanks a lot! 8)
  3. silentnite85

    silentnite85 Lurker

    Offbrand Nyko wii-chuck doesn't seem to work. The bluetooth connection keeps timing out. May be due to me running Bugless beast instead of cyanogen, but hadn't heard anything else about it anywhere.
  4. GTO

    GTO Lurker

    Hey CirkDroid

    After reading your article I bought one of these controllers. I have a problem connection it to my Android Desire HD on FroYo 2.2.

    I tried all your steps but when using the CCCP app, it does not connect. Also tried with the free "Wii Controler Demo" and also there the 4 LED's keep on blinking (and the app does not find the controller).

    Any ideas or help? Any further steps you did not mention?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. No_u

    No_u Android Enthusiast

    HTC sense devices like the desire hd do not work with Wii controllers
  6. GTO

    GTO Lurker

    So there are no chances I get this to work then? :mad:

    A workaround or so? Any Ideas?
  7. hydralisk

    hydralisk Well-Known Member

    Works fine with Cyanogen mod 6+ on any phone... including HTC phones like the Desire or Evo.
  8. HittingSmoke

    HittingSmoke Member

    I just got mine and paired it with my Evo running CM6 and it works great. There's an almost indistinguishable amount of delay but it's hardly worth mentioning.
  9. Bing

    Bing Well-Known Member

    I know I'm reviving this thread from the dead, but I have to ask:

    Are there any more of these wireless Wii controllers we could use with Android? I can't find these on sale anywhere anymore. I have a Wii but no PS3, so if I'm about to go out and purchase wireless gamepads it makes more sense for them to be Wii ones than PS3.


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