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General Day 4, Inc2 to Nexus, NOLA-Northshore

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LatestToy, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Dec 17, 2011

    Dec 17, 2011
    Background: Like to be cutting edge (not necessarily "bleeding" though), 2 Ipad2's, and 4 computer screens staring at me all the time when at my desk. Going from Inc2 to Nexus. Much prefer Android to iOS, but not an iOS hater at all.

    Heavy user, syncing 2 gmail accounts, yahoo im on, Good for Enterprise, light FB, Yammer, 20-50 txts a day, stream Pandora at the gym to my Bluetooth Motorola S9-HDs, lots of news\blog reading, screen at 60-70%, 1-3 hours of phone calls daily, running Christmas HD live right now for the hell of it.

    Hopefully this is helpful to some, I've been following the good and bad in this forum and have experienced much of the bad, but it's getting better. Feedback appreciated!


    I have literally been driving my home "base" area, if you will, with both phones. 3g is usually pretty even with the Nexus about 5-8 dbm higher (worse signal) than Inc2 at times. Doesn't seem to affect performance. 4g was awful everywhere before this morning when I talked to VZ tech. He spent 30 minutes doing the basics, and then he seemed surprised by some of the settings he was seeing for my phone on their end. He adjusted some things and said give it 48 hours. I am holding 1bar of 4g now consistently in my home (about 5MB down), but it's still shaky as I cruise the town (ALL supposedly 4g based on their shady map). Some areas it's 20 down, others it 3. No doubt the hunting and moving from 3g to 4g is sucking battery. Slingbox hates the hunting as well and doesn't work smoothly. Pandora took FOREVER to buffer at the gym as the signal just wasn't holding like it does on the Inc2. I can certainly deal with 3g at home and of course have wifi. Seems to be related to where I live. (New Orleans-Northshore)

    There is a part of me that want's to compare with the Rezound in day to day use. At the store it was consistently 8-10 dbm better than my Nexus, and the one tied to the shelf, on 4G. But I love ICS, and didn't like going back to Sense a whole lot already. I can't root for warranty\work reasons.


    Inc2 could get 7 hours without the cord if it wasn't a gym day. My home gets horrible reception even though I am 3/4 of a mile from a tower with a clear shot (VZ tech shared that with me today). Its very bad on the first floor. Must be all the stucco around me.

    Nexus scared me at first, was getting 4-5 hours out of a full charge and barely. But now on full charge\discharge 6 and it seems to be improving. I don't expect more than the 8 hours I am getting now, but it'd be nice. Obviously, screen on kills it fast, but I'm rarely without a charger near. Flights could be a bummer.


    It's a significant downgrade from my Inc2. Knew it going in. It MAY be a dealbreaker as I use it all the time to take photos of my little one and the moments happen fast. I'll take more over the holidays and see how it goes. It's harder to get good photos with the fast shutter so far.


    Installed it using the non-root method on this forum and bought a pack of gum today to test. This was a huge reason I wanted the phone, and that first purchase at CVS was cool. ;)

    Goal: One thing in the pocket.


    Overall, I love it. Much improved. BUT, when I type a longer email or txts, it seems to fall behind my taps. This is annoying. Perhaps it's just the prediction learning me, but this could be a dealbreaker. Anyone else?


    It's great, except it seems like my "flick-scrolls" aren't registering as fast as on the Inc2. I put them side by side and it could be my imagination. Anyone else?

    ICS is great, love the folders. Nav and Hotspot works fine, Ipad was getting 14 down in a "good 4G" area running on my hotspot. All the other pluses you read about in the countless reviews are there and great. Some apps have compatibility issues, but they are so far minor. Indicator light is finicky, but Light Flow has helped.

    Is there anyone on the Northshore with a Rezound that could help me out with a signal compare? (not a RAZR fan) :)



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