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dc2.08 compared to fresh

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brandonpaz, May 18, 2010.

  1. brandonpaz

    brandonpaz Member
    Thread Starter

    I am currently running DC 2.08 and I am pretty happy, it runs well, and I am able to do everything I want except for tethering :(

    Has anybody compared Fresh to DC? What are the main differences with the most recent versions?

    I like how fast DC feels, and smooth the keyboard is, I would love it if I could just get tethering to work.

    So long story short I am considering trying out Fresh but I really hate reloading the phone fixing my profile, fixing my screens etc, so I would hate to go through all of that and have tethering still not work :(

    Is tethering working well for people in Fresh?

    FYI, I have used both barnacle and wifi tether with out luck.

    Thanks much all,


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  2. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

    wifi tether works great in Fresh
  3. vodo

    vodo Newbie

    If you're using Wireless Tether 2.0 then you have to take the following steps to get it to work:

    1. Launch Wireless Tether (Don't press start tethering button yet)
    2. Hold power button until the phone options screen launches
    3. Turn Airplane mode On
    4. Hold power button again
    5. Turn Airplane mode Off
    6. Press the start tethering button on the Wireless Tether app.

    If that gets to annoying you could always downgrade to Wireless Tether 1.6.

    I am running DC 2.08 and am using Wireless Tether 2.0 to post this right now :)
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  4. brandonpaz

    brandonpaz Member
    Thread Starter

    I tried this and I aquire an IP, and I am able to ping the default gateway.

    I can not surf the internet though, it appears to me to be a dns issue, and this was what I have seen in the past. NSlookup does not work, but I can ping around the local subnet.

    From the phone I notice small amounts of data have been transfered fyi

  5. brandonpaz

    brandonpaz Member
    Thread Starter

    Oddly enough I continued to play with it.

    This time I started it, and connected first. Once I was able to ping the gateway, I put on airplane mode, then I removed airplane mode.

    It worked I am surfing!!

    Thanks much

  6. vodo

    vodo Newbie

    Glad to hear it finally worked for ya!
  7. revlis240

    revlis240 Newbie

    odd, i downloaded an app from the market regarding tethering and it worked flawless the first time...did you try that? on 2.08.1
  8. brandonpaz

    brandonpaz Member
    Thread Starter

    I tried it on 2.08 and 2.07, not 2.08.1

    I had a few issues with 2.08.1 so I am sticking with 2.08.
  9. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    I have DC v2.08.1 and I use PDAnet and it works flawlessly. Of course I have a usb connection but it just plain works and first time too........
    No issues what so ever.........
  10. Squiggy

    Squiggy Android Enthusiast

    Same here, but I'm using Wireless Tether rather than PDAnet.
  11. cajunjacket

    cajunjacket Newbie

    For some reason, when I tried DC, it wouldn't connect to the mobile network. When I was trying to set up my google account at start up, it kept failing because it couldn't find my network. Oh well, Fresh 2.1.1 is good enough for me.
  12. itrackit

    itrackit Lurker

    when i loaded DC 2.08.1 i had to reboot again after the initial reload. found the network after that without issue. been using it now for a few weeks and all is good. can't wait for his next rom off the official release.
  13. aisseleacim03

    aisseleacim03 Newbie

    What is the difference between version 2.0 and 1.6? Asking to see if it is worth to do all this over and over again (at least that is what I understand), when I want to tether.
    I installed 2.0 and didnt work for me (running dc2.08.1). It actually messed up my exchange settings. Installed 1.6 and works flawlessly.

  14. dhero

    dhero Member

    I read somewhere - I think in Flipz blog - that 2.0 has a NAT/DHCP issue.
  15. cajunjacket

    cajunjacket Newbie

    Oh, I will try that out then. I am still trying to decide if I would prefer DC or Fresh, but I never gave DC a shot after that mobile network problem.

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