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Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Android Question

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    i am using HTC Desire SV. it have 1.10 gb phone storage. since last month my phone is generating a file named "DCIM/.thumbdata3--1967290299c" of size 1.10 gb. because of this i am facing memory issue. i can i solve this issue

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  2. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste


    Thats an interesting question - I have two of those files too! I found this explanation on cyanogen mods forums

    The thumbnail cache is a raw file containing thumbnail cache of images and other media, each thumbnail is 10KB. It is indexed by the id of the file in the media scanner. Which means that if you have a file with the id "30", it will skip ~300KB from the start of the file and record the thumbnail data there. But if you have a file with the id "30000", it will skip 300 MB and record the thumbnail data there. Every time a file (any type of file) is added to your sdcard, the id keeps increasing and is never reused. Clearing mediascanner data will help keep the id low, but it is not a permanent fix.

    EDIT I also found this numbered point explanation on XDA forums:

    1.Stock camera app indexes the thumbnails and saves the respective image's properties in a thumbdata file.

    2.The problem is that each and every pic present in your memory card will be indexed in the thumbdata file and even if you remove the image, the indexed properties of the image still remains dormant in the thumb data file.

    3.If the removed image is again restored in the memory card, it creates another new id for the image and indexes it once again so two entries are present for a single image (it may be the same image for us but the operating system takes the date of creation of the image in the sd card into consideration so it's another new image for it)

    4.This thumbdata file increases in size in time if you keep on adding and deleting images in your sdcard because new entries gets created and old entries are not at all removed and still remains in the thumbdata file as dead weight.

    5. Eventually it's size increases to hundreds of megabytes that's why you have a heavy thumbdata file even though at the particular point of time your gallery is only few megabytes because you have added and deleted files before and those entries remain there in the thumbdata files.

    6. This thumbdata file can be deleted with no hesitation what so ever because it's not so important and it eventually gets generated again.

    7. You may ask "what is the purpose of this thumbdata files?" the main purpose is to load images faster into memory using the indexes generated so that when you open apps like gallery it doesn't lag to display the thumbnails.

    8. That's all I know . I might be wrong somewhere but that's the whole point of thumbdata files generated, getting so heavy.

    9. This is again, sourced from google

    It seems its not harmful to delete it but it will reappear each time you reboot.

    this file is generating in phone memory. i try to solve it with removing sd card. but facing same problem. i have no images or videos in internal memory of device or phone memory.
  4. thanks Mr. Roger for this useful information. but sir what is the permanent solution for this. because of this issue i am not able to download any file because all third party apps allows me to download the files in phone memory not in sd card. and this thums file consuming the whole space of the phone memory.
  5. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste

  6. Thanks Mr. Roger. folder solution working properly still now. thanks a ton again sir for your helping hand...

    Sumit Goyal

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