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De-Binging help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by y0bailey, May 19, 2011.

  1. y0bailey

    y0bailey Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey folks. Successfully rooted, used Titanium to "freeze" all of the garbage bloatware, and installed all of the google goodies (search, voice search, maps, etc.).

    Still having problems. When I freeze or remove Bing, I lose the ability to use the search button. It just says application missing.

    I read some fixes on the samsung fascinate, that if you install the enhancedgooglesearch things go back to normal...however I get force closed like crazy until I uninstall it.

    Any ideas? Anyone got this to work?

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  2. xero287

    xero287 Newbie

    Well you removed Bing, thus removing all of its embedded properties in the phone. That's why your getting an infinite loop task of force closing. You really can't open anything Bing related without getting a infinite force close.
  3. baldrob

    baldrob Newbie

    That's strange. I don't have any issues and all I did was freeze everything associated with Bing, install the Google apps and reboot.

    When I push the search button it opens Google.
  4. y0bailey

    y0bailey Member
    Thread Starter

    Can you let me know exactly what you froze (like all of the apps)? Did you uninstall or just freeze? Then after that did you just install google search and voice search from the market?

    If you don't mind walking me through to make sure I am not missing a step.
  5. y0bailey

    y0bailey Member
    Thread Starter

    Also, just to confirm we are talking about the same thing. I can get google search to work fine. I can manually make google search and google voice search work....I cannot just press the search "soft key" or long press on the "soft key" and have it open up google or google voice search. Instead it either says "application not installed" (after I freeze bing), or opens up bing (if bing is not froze and google programs are installed).
  6. y0bailey

    y0bailey Member
    Thread Starter

    So figured out a fix for now.

    Installed LauncherPro. Button now works. Weird, but read some forums about the Samsung Fascinate that used the same fix.

    Hope others find this useful.
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  7. baldrob

    baldrob Newbie

    After reading this I went back and checked and it turns out it was ADW launcher that made it work for me.
  8. NE_Phil

    NE_Phil Newbie

    y0bailey - Thanks for the tip! I'm now running Gingerbread and using LauncherPro (had to install Home Control first). My search button now opens Google - LIKE IT SHOULD!!! :D

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Android Enthusiast

    I didn't know that Launcher Pro was making it possible.
    I thought it was just because I installed Google Search.
    I am running both of those on my UNrooted Commando.

    *just letting people know that you don't have to be rooted to get the
    search button working with Google.*:)

    I HATE BING!!!!

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